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Crop Profile for Strawberries in California
Information on strawberry production in this state, the cultural practices used, the insect pests and diseases that affect the crop and their cultural, biological and chemical controls, and weed control. [PDF]
Fertilization of Strawberries in Florida
Proper use of fertilizer is important for maximizing yield and fruit quality. Information on drip irrigation, fertigation and the testing of petiole sap and whole leaves to optimise drip fertigation.
Growing Strawberries
Plenty of information on strawberry culture.
Growing Strawberries in the Garden
Comprehensive guide for the home gardener who wants to grow strawberries.
How to Grow Strawberry Plants.
Information on where and when to plant this crop, care, propagation, varieties and container grown strawberries.
An Introduction to Commercial Strawberry Production
A discussion of the basic questions and concerns related to beginning a commercial strawberry operation. [PDF]
North Carolina Strawberry Association
Provides information aimed at commercial strawberry growers.
Production Guide for Organic Strawberries
Comprehensive guidance for strawberry growers or farmers wishing to switch to organic strawberry production. [PDF]
Strawberry Consultation Services in Europe
Comprehensive consultancy for commercial strawberry growers in Europe. Services offered in the following countries: Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Ukraine.
Strawberry Cultivation in India
Although this plant is native to temperate regions, it can be grown in the hills in India. Information on cultivating, harvesting and marketing the crop.
Strawberry Plants
Resources and guidance on planting, growing, picking, and using strawberries, with an overview of varieties.
Weed Control in Strawberries and Raspberries
Information on the timing of herbicide applications and the products that are suitable for these crops.
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