Websites with information on the specific pathogens of this plant.
Aphid Monitoring
Aphids can transmit Potato Virus Y which is a serious threat to potato crops. The British Potato Council offers a service monitoring this pest to help in decision making on insecticide use.
Blightwatch is a collaborative service supported by the British Potato Council and aims to give growers a management tool for assisting in the control of blight.
Colorado Potato Beetle: Effective Chemical Control
Provides details of the degree of resistance built up by this beetle to different pesticides, with special reference to Alberta.
Diseases of Potato
Provides the common names of the bacterial, fungal, nematode, viral and other diseases that affect the plant.
Diseases of Potatoes
An identification guide to the bacterial, fungal, nematode, viral and other diseases that may infect this crop, with many photographs, brief descriptions of the symptoms and suggested management strategies.
Nematode Management in Potatoes
Information on general IPM considerations, symptoms, damage, field diagnosis and sampling, general management considerations, crop rotation, varietal resistance and control.
Organic Alternatives for Late Blight Control in Potatoes
New strains of late blight make potato production especially challenging. Several nonchemical options are available for managing this disease, including cultural practices, some varietal resistance, and alternative fungicidal sprays.
Potato Late Blight
Disease management, photos of symptoms, information on other tuber and foliar diseases, and relevant links. North Dakota State University, U.S.
Potato Yellow Dwarf Virus, Nucleorhabdovirus
Photograph of an affected plant and a description of the symptoms.
Information on biology and management of the Colorado potato beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata. Includes general information, review of various management techniques, searchable database of scientific literature and links to other resources.
UC IPM Online: Potatoes
Provides a year-round IPM program for potatoes with information on monitoring and managing the pests and diseases found.
Virus Problems of Potatoes
Photographs of symptoms and information on virus Y, leafroll virus, virus S, virus X, mop top virus, spraing, tobacco rattle virus, potato spindle tuber viroid and alfalfa mosaic virus.
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