This category is devoted to the practice of vermicomposting (using worms to compost organic matter). Vermicomposting allows you to recycle organic matter into valuable fertilizer called "worm castings". Vermicomposting can be done on a small scale, at or in your home, to convert all your kitchen waste into fertilizer - or can be done on a large municipal scale to divert organic wastes from landfills. Please use the sites in this category to either learn about, or become more familiar with, the topic of vermicomposting. CAUTION: Vermicomposting is addictive - once you start composting with worms, you won't be able to quit! :-D

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Alabama Jumpers
Offers worms for sale and a wholesale drop ship program. Includes a blog with information on vermicomposting.
Bucket of Worms
Provides information on the Dendrobaena worm, composting, wormeries and the use of worms for fishing, with an online shop selling worms and wormeries. [UK]
CalRecycle: Vermicomposting
Resources for people seeking information about worm composting/vermicomposting, worm suppliers, worm bins, and vermicomposting in the classroom.
Cathy's Crawly Composters
Provides information on the practice of vermicomposting, including bin set-up, FAQ, articles and a blog.
Composting with Redworms
An informative "how to" of home vermiculture.
Dirt Maker Flow-Through Worm Bins
Manufactures and sells flow-through worm bins for composting with worms. These composters can also be used for raising compost worms.
Happy D Ranch
Provides information on worms and vermicomposting.
Provides articles and information on composting and worms.
Provides information, news and resources on composting with worms.
"How to" booklet on composting with worms, from New Mexico State University. [PDF]
Blog about worms, castings and composting.
Worm Bin
An active Yahoo group dedicated to vermicomposting.
Worm Farming Secrets
Free newsletter produced by experienced worm farmers and professionals in the vermiculture industry. Includes discussion community.
The Worm Wigwam
Procedures for composting using earthworms, and a vermicomposting system offered for sale.
Provides information on worm farming and vermiculture, and works with schools and groups to reduce green waste and pollution. Offers compost extracts and organic worm derived fertilizers.
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