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Arctic Blue Books
Searchable version of Andrew Taylor's unique index to the British Parliamentary Papers relating to Canadian Arctic exploration between 1818-1878.
Arctic Exploration and the Search for the Northwest Passage in the First Half of the Nineteenth Cent
This bibliography provides researchers at Library and Archives Canada with a listing of primary printed sources for the study of the search for the Northwest Passage in the early nineteenth century.
The Big Sickness in Arctic Alaska - 1918
Article on Arctic colonization and the introduction of new diseases such as measles, smallpox, and influenza in the early 1900s.
Inuit and Englishmen : The Nunavut voyages of Martin Frobisher
History of the Arctic expedition of Englishman Martin Frobisher, the first contacts between Inuit and Europeans, the search for a Northwest Passage, the first mining venture in Canada, and the earliest English efforts to establish a colony in North America.
The Northern Lights Route
The dispersion of European culture from the Norwegian coast to the Barents Sea and the Baltic.
The Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum and Arctic Studies Center
A museum on Arctic explorers Robert E. Peary and Donald B. MacMillan. Includes collections on polar exploration gear, natural history specimens, and artifacts and drawings made by Inuit and Indians of North America.
Prehistory of Alaska
History of the people, wildlife, and land of the Tundra, Arctic, coastal, and interior regions of Alaska from the American National Park Service. Includes a bibliography of print resources on the topic.
Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Center
History, oral traditions, archaeological research, and vignettes of life and society of the peoples of the Canadian Arctic. Includes searchable database of photos, sounds, place names, and documents.
Sir John Franklin
Extensive resources on Franklin, his ill-fated last expedition, and the cultural history of exploration.
Franklin expedition: Will we ever know what happened?
The BBC reports that Canadian explorers have drawn a blank in the latest hunt for the remains of Captain Sir John Franklin's fatal expedition, 160 years after he took his crew of 129 men deep into the Arctic. (September 08, 2011)
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