The Mental Health category provides information about resources that deal with people's emotional and psychological well-being. This category lists sites for mental health advocacy and service organizations, treatment facilities, psychiatrists, psychologists, other professional counselors and therapists, support groups for patients and families, and directories of such resources in Western Australia.

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A community-based campaign that encourages people to take action to improve their mental health and wellbeing. Features details of programmes and events in each region of the state, as well as case studies involving Curtin University research.
Ardente Consulting
Provides general and christian counselling services. Offers a profile, information on seminars and contact details.
Centre for Clinical Interventions
A state-wide program of clinically applied psychosocial research, and clinical services for adults suffering from anxiety, mood and eating disorders. Includes online self-help modules and details of state-based services.
Helping Minds
Provides support to family and carers of those experiencing mental illness, including counselling, support groups, advocacy, holiday respite and education programs.
Mental Health Law Centre
Provides a free and confidential legal service to people who are involved involuntarily in the mental health system of Western Australia. Publications, membership and services offered.
Mental Health Review Board
An independent quasi-judicial review body to review involuntary patients, in accordance with the Mental Health Act 1996. Reviews, reports, handbook, the Act, and board members.
Office of Chief Psychiatrist
A senior public officer who advocates for the welfare of persons with a mental illness and supports the ability of services to provide high quality care. Role, reporting, complaints, monitoring activities, and education.
Office of Mental Health
Government provided information about public inpatient and community based mental health services. Includes a directory of local services, articles and reports, policies, events, and job listings.
Western Australian Association for Mental Health
The state's peak representative body for mental health agencies. Supports the development of the mental health sector, provides advocacy and representation, and influences public opinion related to mental illness.
Review of Mental Health Act 1996
A review consider the operations and effectiveness of the Mental Health Act (1996) and the Criminal Law (Mentally Impaired Defendants) Act (1996). Submissions, members, minutes, reports and resources. (October 01, 2003)
Mental health promotion and illness prevention in Western Australia: a study of service capacity
A report by Sue Robinson and Duane Pennebaker exploring the state of mental health promotion and illness prevention, highlighting issues that need to be addressed. (September 01, 2002)
Criminal Law (Mentally Impaired Defendants) Act 1996
An Act relating to criminal proceedings involving mentally impaired people who are charged with offences. [PDF] (November 13, 1996)
Mental Health Act 1996
The Act governing the care and treatment of persons with mental illness, the protection of patients and the public, and the minimisation of adverse effects of mental illness on family life. [PDF] (November 13, 1996)
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