The Mental Health category provides information about resources that deal with people's emotional and psychological well-being. This category lists sites for Queensland's mental health advocacy and service organizations, treatment facilities, psychiatrists, psychologists, other professional counselors and therapists, support groups for patients and families, and directories of such resources.

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ARAFMI Queensland
Providing support services for families and friends of people with mental illness and/or psychiatric disability. Telephone support, support groups, workshops, respite care and resources.
Eating Disorders Association Inc
Offers group profile, information on disorders, services and contacts.
Grow Queensland
A 12 step program of recovery; includes newsletters, meeting dates and times and contacts.
Mental Health Association
Queensland's statewide non-government organization promoting awareness of mental health and advocating for the welfare of people with mental illness.
Mental Illness Fellowship Queensland
Includes group profile, details of education, the community and contacts.
The Park
Centre for mental health treatment, research and education; includes profile, accreditation, history, details of services and contacts.
Queensland Alliance of Mental Illness & Psychiatric Disability Groups
Aim is to promote, strengthen and develop the growth of community-based responses to mental illness and psychiatric disability in Queensland. General and regional information, and membership details.
Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research
Formerly known as Queensland Centre for Schizophrenia Research; offers details of programs, profile, gallery and contacts.
Queensland Government - Mental health and wellbeing
Offers details of legislation, links, services and facilities provided and contacts.
Queensland Mental Health Review Tribunal
Reviews and decides involuntary treatment criteria, appeals, and other matters associated with the implementation of involuntary treatment orders. Resources, legislation, FAQs, and employment opportunities.
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