This category includes NSW State Government authorities and departments. It may also include Government assisted authorities, services or utilities.

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Community Builders
Offers a toolkit of information, ideas, and techniques to help make NSW communities stronger, healthier and more successful. The site covers information on crime prevention and safety in communities, drugs, the environment, economic development families, tolerance and funding for community groups.
Department of Fair Trading in NSW
Providing information and assistance for consumer issues, motor vehicles, home building and renovation, credit, property and tenancy issues, plus co-operatives, licensing, associations and business name registration.
Details of one of Australia's largest and oldest gas and electricity supply companies. Includes information on accounts, energy saving tips, appliance sales and cooking recipes.
Guardianship Tribunal
A legal tribunal that appoints guardians for people with disabilities aged 16 years and over who are incapable of making their own decisions.
Independent Transport Safety and Reliability Regulator (ITSRR)
State government agency responsible for regulating transport safety and reliability. Find profile, rules and laws, publications, statistics and latest news.
LawLink NSW
NSW Attorney General's Department.
Legal Aid Commission of New South Wales
Provides services to disadvantaged people. Access topical information, policies and links. Multi language support for information on legal aid services.
Mine Subsidence Board
Information for people intending to renovate or build in a mine subsidence district. Includes advice on surface development, construction techniques and subsidence issues.
Ministry of Transport
Agency of the New South Wales Government that formulates and implements transport policy and administers various travel concession and business licensing schemes. Contains contact details, forms for travel concessions and grants, and various licensing documents for transport business.
Motor Accidents Authority
The Motor Accidents Authority of NSW promotes better road safety to its users.
New South Wales Fisheries
Agency responsible for managing the fisheries resources of New South Wales. Provides information on management, scientific research, advisory and compliance services.
New South Wales Health
The home of NSW Health, which covers all aspects of public health in NSW.
NSW Commission for Children and Young People
Concerned with the safety, welfare and well-being of children, the promotion of healthy relationships between children, families and communities and the expression of children's views to the general public and organisations.
NSW Crime Stoppers
Offers provision for reporting criminal activity on-line. This is the first secure on-line criminal activity reporting system in the world and uses a fully encrypted SQL database.
NSW Department of Community Services
Practical advice-based information for people interested in child protection, foster care, adoption (local and international) and parenting. Provides explanations of child abuse and how to report suspected abuse or neglect.
NSW Department of Primary Industries, Minerals
Information on the minerals, coal and petroleum exploration, prospecting, mining and processing industries in New South Wales.
NSW Department of Trade & Investment, Regional Infrastructure & Services
Business development agency for the State of New South Wales, assisting firms wishing to invest or do business in the region. Includes resources, newsletters and events.
NSW Government
Official New South Wales government web site. Contains details about parliament, legislation, government directory, Sydney 2000 Olympics, and a listing of the government agencies.
NSW Office of Water
The Department of Primary Industries sustainable water management service. Includes licensing, allocations and news.
NSW Office of Women
Working to improve the economic and social wellbeing for New South Wales women.
NSW Police Force
Offers details about law enforcement and the Police in NSW. Information includes Local Area Commands, wanted and missing persons, crime stoppers campaign, road safety and other Police activities.
NSW Police Union
Trade union for NSW police officers. Includes hot topics, member benefits, contact details, and links.
NSW Sport and Recreation
A government department in New South Wales committed to providing and facilitating a diverse range of services for people to participate in sport and recreation.
NSW Taxi Industry
Accurate and timely information about the Industry for drivers, owners, passengers and business.
NSW Treasury, Office of Financial Management
Arm of NSW Treasury that advises the Treasurer and the NSW Government on state financial management policy and reporting, and on economic conditions and issues.
The NSW Vilification Act
A comment on Vilification in the Anti-Discrimination Act and the proposed amendments by the NSW Government and Clover Moore by LJM Cooray.
Parliament of New South Wales
The state parliament of New South Wales including the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council.
Progressive PSA
Information about trade union activists in the New South Wales Government State sector who are members of the Public Service Association and the CPSU.
The Public Trustee of NSW
The Public Trustee is responsible for the making of wills, the management of trust funds, assets, deceased estates, powers of attorney and other related products and services.
Roads and Traffic Authority
State government authority that builds major roads, promotes road safety, manages traffic, regulates vehicles and licenses drivers.
State Records NSW
The New South Wales Government's archives and records management authority.
Youth NSW
References and links provided by the NSW Office of Children and Young People. Includes information about education, transport, work, health, sport, money, housing, relationships, the law, environment, and alcohol and other drugs.
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