This category includes links to candidates running for public office and their campaigns, or for campaigns for other ballot issues such as constitutional amendments.

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Texas Secretary of State - Elections Division
Official information about voter registration, running for office and elections in Texas.
Ballotpedia - Texas
Wiki about state government elections, politicians and issues, including ballot measures, budgets and campaign finance, from a libertarian, free-market perspective.
Ballotpedia - Texas House of Representatives Elections, 2014
Wiki about the elections, from a libertarian, free-market perspective.
Ballotpedia - Texas State Senate Elections, 2014
Wiki about the elections, from a libertarian, free-market perspective. - Texas
State-level campaign finance information intended for academics, advocacy groups and journalists rather than the general public.
The Green Papers - Texas 2014
All candidates who will be on the ballot for federal and statewide offices. Includes government and campaign websites. - Congressional Elections in Texas
Profile of campaign funds raised and spent for seats in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. - Texas
Directory of Texas candidates, elections, political parties and daily news media. - State Archive: Texas Polls
Charts, maps and analysis of national and state polls for Texas elections for President, Senate, Governor and U.S. House.
Project Vote Smart - 2014 Texas Candidates
Information about candidates for Congress, the state legislature, the state executive branch headed by the governor, and federal and state judges. Includes profile and available information on campaign finances, voting record, issue positions and interest group ratings for each.
Provides information on current Texas officeholders. Requires entry of street address for information on candidates. Sections for voters, candidates and volunteers.
Official information for voters including registration, Election Identification Cards, how to vote, voters' rights, special needs and FAQ. From the Texas Secretary of State.
Wikipedia - Category: Texas Elections
Directory of crowd-sourced encyclopedia articles about federal, state and local elections in the state.
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