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Anastopoulo Law Firm, LLC
Specializes in personal injury cases, medical malpractice, and product liability. Includes firm overview, attorney profiles, and list of practice areas.
Anne L. Peterson-Hutto
Specializes in personal injury cases. Includes firm overview, attorney profile, practice areas overview, and resources.
Barnwell, Whaley, Patterson, and Helms
Areas of practice include civil litigation and business and commercial law with specializations in the fields of intellectual property and employment law; includes firm details and contact information.
The Bleecker Law Firm
Focuses on family law, probate litigation, and mediation matters. Includes attorney profiles, practice area details, newsletters, map and directions.
Bostic Law Firm
Focuses on personal injury, medical malpractice and wrongful death cases, worker's compensation, nursing home litigation, business law and civil litigation. Includes attorney profile, FAQ, and practice area descriptions.
Carolina Reporting
Description of services, staff profiles and contacts.
Clawson & Staubes, LLC,
Focuses on commercial and corporate law, taxation, estate planning, litigation, workers' compensation, and real estate law. Includes practice area details, firm overview, attorney profiles, news and events. Located in Charleston and Charlotte, NC.
The Clekis Law Firm
Specializing in personal injury claims, criminal defense matters, and family law issues. Includes attorney profiles and practice area descriptions.
Dallis Law Firm, P.A.
General practice law firm located in West Ashley. Includes firm overview, practice areas, attorney profiles, client list, and directions.
Derfner & Altman
Focusing on civil rights, personal injury, property and labor cases. Includes attorney profiles, practice area details, and contacts.
Douglas A. Barker, PA
Offering services for homeowner insurance and damage claims, personal injury, family law, and business matters.
E. Bart Daniel
Specializing in white collar, environmental and business litigation; includes a practice overview, biography, and contact information.
F. Truett Nettles, II
Pursues cases of administrative proceedings, arbitration, and business enterprises. Includes attorney profiles, practice area details, representative clients, newsletters and directions.
Frame Legal, LLC
Provides business law and estate planning legal services. Includes firm overview, attorney profile, and resources.
Francis J. Corneley
Specializes in criminal, personal injury, and workers' compensation cases. Includes attorney and support team profiles.
Gregory S. Forman, PC
Focuses on family law. Includes biography, FAQ, publications, videos, blog and directions to the office.
Hinchey, Murray & Pagliarini, LLC
General practice law firm. Includes overview, attorney profiles, practice area list, map and driving directions.
Hood Law Firm
Focuses on civil litigation. Includes attorney profiles, firm overview, practice area details, representative clients, directions and location map.
Kahn Law Firm
Focusing on personal injury, medical malpractice, and litigation cases. Includes attorney profiles and facility slide show.
Karen E. McCormick
Certified Family Court mediator. Includes profile and contact form.
Kernodle, Taylor & Root
Find out about this firm specializing in general insurance defense, product liability, employment law, and government law.
Krawcheck & Davidson
Focuses on real estate and property, construction law, probate matters, corporate law, insurance law and general civil matters. Includes attorney profiles and information about practice areas.
LaMantia Law Firm, LLC
Focuses on family and criminal law. Includes firm overview, attorney profiles, FAQ, practice area descriptions, resource links, map and directions.
Law Office of John Kachmarsky
Certified tax specialist, estate planning, probate and FINRA securities loss arbitration attorney. Includes firm overview, attorney profile, information about practice areas, and resources.
Law Office of Nancy A. Chiles
Specializes in employment law. Includes profile, location map and directions.
The Law Offices of Gedney M. Howe, III
Focuses on personal injury and products liability cases. Includes firm overview, attorney profiles, practice area descriptions, verdicts and results.
The Law Offices of L.W. Cooper Jr.
Handles tax controversy with the IRS, business litigation and criminal defense cases. Includes attorney profile, articles, cases, and location map.
Lofton and Lofton, P.C.
Personal injury, criminal and civil defense law firm. Includes firm overview, areas of practice list, and attorney profiles.
Lyles & Lyles, L.L.C.
Focusing on, litigation, construction, construction law, contracts, insurance defense, mediation, and arbitration matters. Includes firm overview, attorney profiles and directions.
Mark C. Tanenbaum, P.A.
Specializing in personal injury and product liability cases. Includes attorney profiles, FAQ, information about practice areas, and representative cases.
Matthew R. Hubbell - Attorney at Law
Focuses on civil and criminal litigation in federal and state courts; includes profile, publications, and contacts.
The Maybank Law Firm
Litigation attorneys serving insurance companies and businesses nationwide. Includes firm overview, attorney profiles, practice area descriptions and resources.
McFarland and O'Neill Law Firm
General practice law firm offering and overview of services, case histories, and attorney profiles.
Melissa F. Brown
Emphasizing divorce and other family law issues. Includes firm overview, attorney profile, FAQ, blog and resources.
Pierce, Herns, Sloan & Wilson, LLC
Civil litigation law firm based in Charleston, practicing throughout the United States; includes profiles for lawyers, areas of practice, and contact information.
Popowski Law Firm, LLC
General practice. Includes firm overview, attorney profiles, list of practice areas, and directions.
Pratt-Thomas Walker
Offering legal counsel in business, corporate, real estate, insurance, and environmental law; includes firm overview, attorney profiles, and contact information.
Richardson, Patrick, Westbrook & Brickman, LLC
Litigation firm focusing on social justice; includes profile, biographies, details on cases, and contacts.
Robert W. Polk
Specializes in family law. Includes information about practice areas.
Ronald A. Ernst
Emphasizing family law and probate court matters. Includes FAQ, fee schedule, articles, and office location.
Rosen Law Firm
Specializing in family, divorce, and personal injury matters. Includes list of practice areas, attorney profiles, case articles, and contact form.
Rosen, Rosen and Hagood, LLC
Specializes in complex litigation and damage claims; includes attorney profiles, areas of practice, and newsletter.
Savage & Savage
Specializes in criminal defense,personal injury and wrongful death suits, and medical malpractice cases. Includes attorney biographies, FAQ, and areas of practices details.
The Seibert Law Firm, LLC
Specializes in family law and criminal defense matters. Includes areas of practice descriptions.
Shahid Law Office
Focuses on criminal defense, family law, and personal injury cases. Includes areas of practice details, attorney profile, forms and resource links.
The Steinberg Law Firm
Handling personal injury, workers' compensation, medical malpractice, criminal and DUI, and social security disability cases. Includes attorney profiles, areas of practice overview, FAQ, and partial list of cases.
Tecklenburg Law Firm, LLC
Offers litigation and business services with an emphasis in maritime and transportation law; includes firm overview, biographies, and contacts.
Uricchio Law Firm
Personal injury law firm. Includes firm overview, attorney profiles, and practice area details.
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