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Happy Fitzmas
Information about the holidays celebrating the indictments of Bush administration officials. Includes songs, and lyrics.
Newsweek - Why Rush is Wrong
Conservative Republican David Frum laments how Limbaugh, the de facto spokesman for the GOP, is driving moderates away and turning the GOP into an angry and unanimous dittohead cult.
Republican Hypocrisy Revealed
While trumpeting itself as the party of "traditional family values", there is a large number in the GOP who engaged in pedophilia, adultery, and lewd acts.
Truthout - Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult
A 28 year GOP loyalist documents how the Republican Party has been twisted into an extremist and corrupted group run by lunatics. (September 03, 2011)
McClatchy - GOP Hates Earmarks - Except the Ones its Members Sponsor
Republicans deliver a daylong rant against Democratic spending legislation, yet the bill is loaded with thousands of pet projects that Republican lawmakers inserted. (February 24, 2009)
Los Angeles Times - Reagan Wouldn't Recognize This GOP
Reagan presidential campaign insider and Heritage Foundation co-founder Mickey Edwards writes on how Reagan's ideals and philosophy have been polluted and warped by today's GOP and those calling themselves his most fervent admirers. (January 24, 2009)
Salon - An American Heresy
Former Vice President Al Gore says the GOP push to dismantle the filibuster is part of a larger movement to undermine the founding principles of the United States. (April 27, 2005)
Slate - He's Still "That Man" - The Bushies' War on Franklin Roosevelt.
Examines why Republicans are hellbent on changing Social Security, and finds the GOP still can't accept that the New Deal basically expanded the reach of government, and things worked out OK. (January 28, 2005)
Slate - Corrupt? Absolutely.
With the GOP attaining a majority in Congress, both liberals and conservatives find the Republicans have now turned into what they've been criticizing for so long. (December 02, 2004)
Mother Jones - Conversation with a Conservative: Peter G. Peterson
The Commerce Secretary in the Nixon administration explains that the Republican Party "has lost its moorings" in recent years. (October 26, 2004)
Mother Jones - Conversation with a Conservative: Clyde Prestowitz
Reagan administration veteran Clyde Prestowitz explains that the last four years of Republican rule have put the country on the wrong track. (October 06, 2004)
In These Times - Not in Lake Wobegon Anymore
An essayist asserts the once great party of Lincoln and liberty, made up of pragmatic Main Street businessmen, has changed into a cabal of angry plutocratic hypocrites. (August 26, 2004)
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