Washington Post - In Colorado, a Sizable Schism on Health-Care Reform
At a town hall meeting in Colorado, citizens state their concerns about healthcare, current and future. (September 03, 2009)
Guernica - Last Temptation
The former mouthpiece for insurance giant Cigna divulges his role in misleading the public, the emotional day that led to his whistle-blowing, and what should really scare people. (August 01, 2009)
The New York Times - Health Care Spending Disparities Stir a Fight
President Obama recently summoned aides to the Oval Office to discuss a magazine article investigating why the border town of McAllen, Tex., was the country’s most expensive place for health care. The article became required reading in the White House, with Mr. Obama even citing it at a meeting with two dozen Democratic senators. (June 08, 2009)
The New Yorker - McAllen, Texas and the High Cost of Health Care
Writer contrasts the high-cost health-care system in McAllen, Texas, with the lower-cost systems at the Mayo Clinic and in Grand Junction, Colorado. McAllen, Texas is one of the most expensive health-care markets in the country. Only Miami spends more. (June 01, 2009)
CNN Money - 'Underinsured' Americans may raise all health care costs
As the recession pushes more Americans into the ranks of the 'underinsured' on top of more uninsured households, experts warn that it's a double-whammy on all consumers. (March 05, 2009)
The New Yorker - The Moral-Hazard Myth
Commentary about the 'moral-hazard' theory behind America's failed health-care system. Several years ago, 2 Harvard researchers, Susan Starr Sered and Rushika Fernandopulle, set out to interview people without health-care coverage for a book they were writing, 'Uninsured in America'. (August 29, 2005)
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