Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement
Offering services and information to neighborhoods, business associations, and neighborhood coalitions. Includes maps, searchable database of associations, and events listings.
Ardenwald-Johnson Creek Neighborhood Association
News, meeting schedule, and events calendar.
Beaumont Wilshire Neighborhood Association
Meeting minutes and schedule, photographs, events calendar, newsletter, and description of current issues.
Boise Neighborhood Association
Links to newspaper articles about the area, newsletter, and board meeting schedule.
Cully Association of Neighbors
Offers a community newsletter, meeting agenda, liquor notices, and land use links.
Eastmoreland Dog Association
Community of dog owners in and around the Eastmoreland neighborhood in Portland, Oregon.
Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association
News, description of current projects, bylaws, and meeting schedule.
Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association
Meeting schedule and minutes, events calendar, volunteer opportunities, and descriptions of current projects.
Grant Park Neighborhood Association
Newsletter, description of their issues, and meeting schedule.
Hillsdale Neighborhood Association
Provides community information, meeting agenda and minutes, and a gallery of images.
Hillsdale News
Neighborhood news of the Hillsdale Alliance consortium. Includes members, past newsletters, meeting minutes.
Historic Kenton Neighborhood
Historic Portland neighborhood featuring little league information and community news.
Homestead Neighborhood Association
How to get involved, news, events calendar, and links.
Irvington Community Association
Includes monthly meeting minutes, bylaws, contact information for officers, directors, and committee members and recent committee activity.
Irvington Neighborhood Home Tour
Provides area history, many photos, and tour volunteer information.
Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association
News, meeting schedule, list of officers, forums, and links.
Lents Neighborhood Association
Provides Lents community information, business opportunities, area maps, and meeting calendar and agenda.
Linnton Neighborhood Association
News and descriptions of current issues.
Montavilla Neighborhood Association
Official site of the Montavilla Neighborhood Association of Portland, Oregon. It includes event calendar, newsletter, and discussion area.
Mt Tabor Neighborhood Association
Newsletters, minutes from past meetings, events calendar, and history of the area.
Overlook Neighborhood Association
Meeting schedule and minutes, links, and map of the area.
Pearl District Neighborhood Association
News, list of area businesses and organizations, calendar of events, and how to get involved.
Piedmont Neighborhood Association
News, meeting schedule, calendar of events, and the history of the area.
Portsmouth Neighborhood Association
List of area businesses, news, description of their projects, and meeting schedule.
Rose City Park Neighborhood
Offers a message board and photo gallery for residents and former residents of the Rose City Park neighborhood.
Roseway Neighborhood Association
Includes events calendar, newsletter and contents of the Roseway Vision Plan.
Sullivan's Gulch Neighborhood Association
Describes Sullivan's Gulch Neighborhood, residents, and future planning.
Sunnyside Neighborhood Association
Provides monthly newsletter and meeting minutes in PDF format, and photographs of the area.
Woodstock Neighborhood Association
Dedicated to improving the quality of life in the area through community service, proactive response to livability issues, and working on a sense of togetherness. Events calendar, meeting minutes, business directory, and forum.
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