Grenada County was formed by an act of the Legislature on May 9, 1879 from lands taken from Carroll, Choctaw, Tallahatchie, and Yalobusha Counties. The city of Grenada, which was incorporated on February 27, 1836, was the largest town among the four counties which were pared to form Grenada County, and it was the natural choice to serve as the new county's seat of government. The land from which Grenada County was formed was a part of the Choctaw Indian lands ceded to the United States under the treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek in 1830. The earliest known white settlers there were missionaries who established an Indian mission school in 1815 near what later became the town of Elliot. The first town organized in the area was Chocchuma, where the land office for the sale of the Choctaw Indian lands was located. Although the public sale of the Choctaw lands did not start until 1833, two politicians and land speculators. Hiram Runnels and Franklin Plummer were able to purchase choice sites along the banks of the Yalobousha River from individuals who received the land directly under the terms of the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek. The two plots of land were later sold to other parties and eventually became the rival towns of Pittsburg and Tullahoma. Town lots went on sale in Pittsburg in October, 1833 and in Tullahoma in February, 1834. The two towns, which were separated only by a section line (now Line Street in Grenada), both prospered and became sharp rivals. In 1835, Tullahoma attempted to annex Pittsburg, and Pittsburg retaliated with an effort to annex Tullahoma. The governor refused both annexation requests. (Grenada CVB)

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AirNav: KGNF - Grenada Municipal Airport
Includes location and map, operations, services, communication aids, navigation and runway details, and contacts.
Elizabeth Jones Library
Public library serving Grenada and housing the local historical society and other community organizations. Location, hours, services, and online research resources.
Grenada County Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Commission
Official site includes extensive community information, economic development and tourism resources, maps, directories of businesses and attractions, calendar of events, and links.
Grenada Lake Medical Center
Hospital provides information on its services, physicians, events, newborns, and job opportunities.
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