The websites in this category include health resources relevant to more than one locality within the county, or to the entire county. Submissions may include but are not limited to:
  • Addictions - including support and recovery groups and care programs.
  • Alternative Medicine - including acupuncture and Chinese medicine, massage therapy and bodywork, holistic care and wellness centers.
  • Chiropractic - including physicians and centers.
  • Clinics and Physicians - featuring all medical specialties.
  • Conditions and Diseases - including support groups/chapters, research organizations, personal pages, and related organizations.
  • Dentistry - including dentists, oral surgery and related associations.
  • Emergency Services - including fire departments, search and rescue and ambulance companies.
  • Fitness - including gyms, personal trainers, Pilates Method of Body Conditioning centers.
  • Hospitals - including health systems.
  • Mental Health - including behavioral specialists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), counseling centers, psychotherapists, and psychologists.
  • Optical - including opticians, optomologists, eye centers, and corrective eye surgery, such as Lasik and Laser.
  • Public Health and Safety - featuring such diverse topics as preventive medicine; health education and promotion; sanitation and hygiene; communicable-disease control; emergency medical services; assessment and monitoring and organization of health services and policies. Comparable terms for public health medicine include social medicine and community medicine.

For sites related to a more specific area, see the individual Localities categories. Before submitting a site to any category, be sure to read its category description.

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Frederick County Mental Health Association
A private, nonprofit organization that has been serving the community for 35 years providing support for mental health issues. Includes program descriptions, counseling services, events, prevention programs, childcare resources, and staff information.
Frederick County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association
Includes information on fire prevention, EMS, health watch, awards, officers, fund raising, and other fire and EMS topics.
Frederick Memorial Healthcare System
Offering integrated healthcare at multiple locations in the county, including emergency, preventive, diagnostic, treatment rehabilitation and support services.
Hospice of Frederick County
Provides specialized services for families who need expert help to care for a loved one facing advanced stages of illness. Includes virtual tour of the facility, services, newsletter, events and volunteer opportunities.
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