The Chicago music scene is as diverse as the city. This category and its subcategories include Chicago-based resources centered around music. Sites and categories may include, but not limited to:
  • Bands and Artists - contains bands/artists who offer a range of styles, often for hire for local events and occasions.
  • Styles - contains bands/artists focused on a single style, such as Jazz, Blues, Opera, or Rock.
  • Clubs and Venues - includes music clubs and entertainment halls. If enough sites exist for a particular style, such as Jazz Clubs or Blues Clubs, a subcategory may be made (also, it will be linked from the "Styles" category).
  • Education - includes schools, training and instruction provided by local organizations, institutions, or individuals.
  • Record Labels - includes recording management companies that sign local and national talent.

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American Guild of Organists, Chicago Chapter
Features chapter programs, officers and members for this local chapter of the national professional association serving the organ and choral music fields.
Show listings, links to local artists' sites, and reviews.
A ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Luke in Chicago, which distributes recordings and printed music of sacred jazz, and supports worship services incorporating sacred jazz.
A collection of drumming and rhythm-based programs developed and implemented by drummer, artist, and art therapist Jeni Swerdlow. Showcases testimonials, private instruction programs, workshops, performances, and drum circles.
John Koelle
Tunes, rebuilds, moves, and sells pianos. Service information, contact details, photos, testimonial letters and inventory.
Music Frisk
E-zine providing personal interviews, show reviews and photos of many artists across a variety of genres. Company also provides consulting services for labels and artists.
Rhythm Revolutions
Weekly drumming circle. Includes event calendar and links to other drumming sites.
Susan Salidor
Pre-school music teacher and songwriter offers entertaining site for kids and their parents.
Thirsty Whale Remembered
A nostalgic trip through the hey-day of the Chicago rock scene of the late 80s and 90s.
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