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USS Aaron Ward (DM 34)
History of the ship and tributes to the crew. Survivor of 6 kamikaze attacks and 2 bombs during WW II.
USS Allen M. Sumner (DD-692)
Photographs, history and crew information related to USS Sumner which served during World War II, Operation Crossroads Atom Bomb Test, Korean War, Suez Crisis, Cuban Blockade, and the Vietnam War.
USS Arnold J. Isbell (DD-869)
Message board, photographs, history and stories related to USS Isbell. Named for Captain Arnold Isbell who was killed in action in 1945.
USS Bausell (DD-845) Association
Reunion information, photos, memorials and a Ship's Store for the Gearing class destoyer that saw action during the Korean War.
USS Boyd (DD-544)
Ship's history, photos, crew roster, memorials, and memorabilia.
USS Brownson (DD-868) Association
Information on the Brownson Association and the ship along with photos and an archive of past newsletters.
USS Brownson (DD-868) Operation Highjump
USS Brownson's (DD-868) Antarctic mission in 1946.
USS Bush (DD-529)
Life aboard a World War II Fletcher class destroyer. Photos, deck logs, action reports, glossary, poetry, and recollections are included. Historical reference material.
USS Champlin (DD-601)
Features, history, pictures, sounds, Officer/Crew list, and reunion information for USS Champlin DD-601, a WW II destroyer.
USS Charles H. Roan (DD853) Association
History, reunion, ship store of USS Charles H. Roan (DD853). Named for Private First Class Roan (USMC) who was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor by President Harry Truman in July 1945.
USS Compton (DD-705)
Dedicated to the officers and men that served onboard; offers association news, memoriam, history, and photos.
USS Cony (DD-508)
Photographs, stories, "Navy Terms", and crew roster. Significant historical content related to battle action during WW II.
USS Damato (DD-871)
Reunion information, ships specifications, links, history, and guest book for the USS Damato. Named in honor of Corporal Anthony Peter Damato, USMC. Damato was killed in action when he threw himself on a hand grenade to save the lives of his companions. He was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.
USS DeHaven (DD-727)
Facts, information, ships log, messages and pictures about the USS DeHaven DD-727. Sumner class destroyer.
USS Duncan (DD/DDR-874)
History of the Duncan, her namesake Lt. Silas Duncan, Cruisebooks, photos, documents, former crew online database, reunion newsletter.
USS Edson (DD-946) Association
Reunion information, pictures, sea stories and Quarter Deck logbook. Member of the famous Destroyer Squadron TWO THREE "Little Beavers"
USS Forrest Sherman (DD-931)
USS Forrest Sherman (DD-931) Last of the Great Gunships.
USS Gurke (DD-783)
Destroyer USS Gurke DD-783 commissioned in 1945 and still in use by Greece as HS Tombazis D-215.
USS Gyatt (DD712, DDG712, DDG1, DD712)
Ship's history, photos, specifications, list of captains, crew roster, and list of ports of call.
USS Haynsworth (DD-700)
Features this destroyer's history, crew rosters, reunion photos.
USS Haynsworth (DD700)
History of the Haynsworth and the men that server her. Reunion information.
USS Henry W .Tucker (DD-875)
USS Henry W. Tucker (DD-875) 1945-1973.
USS Holder (DE-401 and DD-819) Association
Offers crew members a look back at the ships, including photos, name lists, and merchandise. Namesake of LTjg Randolph Mitchell Holder, awarded the Navy Cross posthumously for his heroism.
USS Hopewell (DD-681)
Reunions, Sea Stories and Pictures of this Fletcher Class tin can.
USS Hugh Purvis (DD-709) Association
Sumner class destroyer commissioned on March 1, 1945 until June 15, 1972. Site offers photos, reunion new, sea stories, ship's history, awards, and guestbook. Namesake for Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient Private Hugh Purvis during the Korean Campaign 1871.
USS Ingersoll (DD-652/DD-990) Vets
History of this Fletcher class (DD-652) and Spruance class (DD-990) destroyers including photos, crewmember stories, reunions, and contacts. Namesake of ADM Royal Eason Ingersoll.
USS John R. Craig (DD-885)
History, photographs, and crew lists of this Gearing class destroyer that participated in Operation Hardtack 1, atmospheric nuclear testing in 1958.
USS Kidd (DD-661)
USS KIDD DD-661 and the Nautical Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Information about the ship as well as the charter and goals of the Nautical Center.
USS Laffey (DD-459/DD-724)
Awards and commendations, photos, reunion news, and guestbook for the two USS LAFFEYs. Namesake for Medal of Honor recipient Seaman Bartlett Laffey, USN awarded for action on 5 March 1864. USS Laffey (DD 724) is part of the Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum located in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.
USS Lloyd Thomas (DD-764)
Gearing class destroyer named for LTjg Lloyd Thomas, a naval aviator who was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross. Site provides ship and crew photos, reunion news and dates, history, and related links.
USS Lowry (DD-770)
Destroyerman who served aboard the LOWRY and their memories.
USS Macomb DD458/DMS23
Collect, preserve and display historical information about the USS Macomb and her crew. Exhibit photographs, memorabilia, and documents furnished by shipmates.
USS Manley (DD940) Association
The site and the Association are dedicated to bringing former crew members together.
USS McKean (DD-784)
Gearing class destroyer. Site offers the ship's history, awards, reunion news, photos, and guestbook. Namesake of Commodore William Wister McKean, commander of the Federal Gulf Squadron during the Civil War.
USS Morton (DD-948)
Features news, a reunion calendar, photos, support and networking for former shipmates of this Forrest Sherman Class Destroyer.
USS Myles C Fox (DD-829)
Biography of namesake, photos, ship history, newsletter, memorabilia, and reunion information.
USS Nicholas (DD/DDE-449) Association
The first Fletcher-class destroyer, in photographs, documents and first-person accounts.
USS Picking (DD-685)
Fletcher class destroyer that saw World War II and Korean War service. Site provides shipmate photos and stories, reunion news, and the ship's history and badges. Commissioned on September 21, 1943 until 1997 and named in honor of Captain Sherwood Picking, USN.
USS Putnam (DD-757)
Site dedicated to the memory of a fine WWII naval destroyer.
USS Rathburne (DE/FF1057)
A home page for USS Rathburne DE/FF-1057. Historical and crew information along with pictures.
USS Rich (DD/DDE-820)
The life and times of this great ship in photos and word by the great sailors who crewed her.
USS Richard B. Anderson (DD-786)
History of the ship and crew, along with photos, a guestbook, and reunion news of this Gearing class destroyer. Named for Private First Class Richard B. Anderson, USMC who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.
USS Richard S. Edwards (DD-950) Photo Album
Photographs, crew roster, ships information and reunion data. Forrest Sherman class destroyer USS Richard S. Edwards.
USS Robert H. McCard (DD-822) Reunion Association
Reunion, roster and contact information for those who have served on this Navy Destroyer.
USS Strong (DD-758) Association
Home of the USS Strong (DD-758) Association. This website includes history, statistics, crew, pictures, and reunion information about the USS Strong.
USS Turner Joy (DD-951)
Forrest Sherman class. History, tours, activities, events, ship's store and membership information.
USS Wainwright Veterans Association
Reunion, crew and historical information on DD-62, DD-419, and DLG-28/CG-28.
USS Waldron (DD699) Alumni Association
Crew's e-mail listings, reunion information, ship's history, and pictures of the Waldron.
USS Wedderburn (DD-684)
Historical information about the USS Wedderburn DD-684.
USS William C. Lawe DD763
Unofficial site containing information, pictures, and "Quarters" - a listing of former shipmates.
USS William R. Rush (DD/DDR-714) Association
History, crew rosters, reunion information, sea stories, and photos.
USS Zellars (DD-777)
Pictures, history, and crew information about USS Zellars DD-777.
USS/USCGC Lansing (WDE-488/DE/DER-388)
US Navy Destroyer Escort (DE) Lansing that later became a US Coast Guard ship. Photographs, historical and reunion information.
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