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Dept of Homeland Security / USCG Vessel Traffic Services
Provides maritime safety information for merchant mariners, recreational boaters, fishermen, shipbuilders and governments.
Maritime Safety and Security Team 91103 Los Angeles/Long Beach, CA
Includes photos, missions, and unit information.
USCG Air Station Houston, TX
Provides around the clock Search and Rescue to Texas, and Louisiana.
USCG Air Station Savannah, GA
Provides Maritime Patrols, and Search and Rescue for the Georgia, South Carolina and Florida coastline.
USCG Command and Control Engineering Center Portsmouth, VA
Provide Coast Guard support for the Command and Control systems, electronics sensors and navigation systems.
USCG Engineering Logistics Center Baltimore, MD
Provides parts, information and service support to Coast Guard customers.
USCG Finance Center
Provides all of the financial services required by the U.S. Coast Guard.
USCG Group/Marine Safety Office Long Island Sound
Provides news, services, and contact information from Coast Guard members watching over Connecticut, and Long Island shores.
USCG Marine Safety Office Corpus Christi, TX
Provides oil spill response, hazardous material response, vessel inspections, and maritime law enforcement.
USCG National Pollution Funds Center Arlington, VA
Established by the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 responsible for administering the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund (OSLTF) with regards to oil pollution and oil spills within the navigable waters of the United States.
USCG Navigation Center Alexandria, VA
Provides the latest GPS and DGPS outage information, navigation forums, almanacs and local notices to mariners.
USCG Office of Marine Safety Center, Washington, DC
Is responsible for responding to all oil spills at sea, as well as creating regulations to prevent those spills.
USCG Research and Development Center
Provides forensic oil analysis and expert testimony in support of the oil pollution law enforcement efforts for field investigators, districts, hearing officers, National Pollution Fund Center, Department of Justice, and other federal agencies. It is the sole facility for performing forensic oil analysis.
USCG Reserve Training Center Yorktown
Provides basic training to new recruits, who have just enlisted in the United States Coast Guard.
USCG Surface Forces Logistics Center, Baltimore, MD
Provides mission, about, and other information.
USCG Vessel Traffic Service Houston / Galveston
Provides good order and predictability of the Houston Ship Channel, adjacent harbors, and connecting waterways.
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