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The American Prospect - Election '08
Collected analysis and opinion on the U.S. presidential campaigns from the political news magazine, along with daily commentary from TAPped, its group blog.
BBC News - US Elections 2008
Complete coverage of the 2008 presidential campaign int he United States. Includes news reports, analysis, candidate and state profiles, blogs, video and reader forum.
CNN - Election Center 2008
Provides news stories and video, fundraising totals, States to Watch, and a side-by-side comparison of the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates on the issues.
The Economist - US Election 2008
Collected news and analysis on the presidential campaign, along with backgrounders and related items.
ECOresearch - US Election 2008 Web Monitor
Weekly snapshots of global web coverage of the US presidential candidates. Lists of keywords summarize the most important issues associated with each candidate.
Election Speak
Provides videos of Presidential candidates showing the individual candidates taking two sides of the same issue, or "flip-flopping."
Financial Times - In Depth: US Elections 2008
Complete coverage including news and analysis, editorials, commentary, blogs, videos, interactives and photo slideshows.
Foreign Affairs - Campaign 2008
A collection of extensive articles written by the top U.S. presidential candidates previewing the foreign policy agendas they would pursue if elected.
Gannett News Service - Election 2008 Information Center
Provides headline news stories, issue positions, polls, background material, candidate profiles, video and interactives.
Guardian Unlimited - US Elections 2008
News, analysis and comment about the presidential campaign includes links to related web resources.
Meet the Press - Meet the Candidates
Collection of netcasts and transcripts of interviews with each of the candidates running in the 2008 presidential primaries.
NBC News - Decision '08
News and video about the 2008 presidential race, candidates and polls.
New York Magazine - The 2008 Electopedia
Guide to the lives of presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama, from the serious to the frivolous.
New York Times - Election Guide 2008
News and information on candidates, calendars, finances and issues.
News Hounds - Election 2008
Ongoing analysis of Fox News's presidential campaign coverage, from the watchdog group.
NPR - Election 2008
In-depth coverage of the presidential campaign and candidates. Includes audio and video reports, blogs, an interactive election map and calendar.
PBS - Frontline: Choice 2008
20th anniversary broadcast of The Choice examines the personal and political biographies of Barack Obama and John McCain and goes behind the headlines to discover how they arrived at this moment and what their candidacies say about America.
PBS - NOW: Election 2008 Democracy Toolkit
Provides tools and information on voting safeguards, campaign funding, fact checking, polling, news media, campaign calendar and FAQs.
The Politico - Politics '08
State-by-state details on the presidential, congressional and gubernatorial races.
The Times (London) - US Elections
Extensive news, analysis, commentary, blogs, video and podcasts from Rupert Murdoch's flagship British newspaper.
USA Today - 2008 Election Coverage
Full coverage of 2008 campaigns includes calendar, polls, videos, photos and blogs.
Wall Street Journal - Campaign 2008
News and analysis about the presidential campaign. Includes The Money Race and candidate scorecards.
Washington Post - Campaign Toolbox
2008 presidential campaign coverage includes daily and multimedia news, issue tracking, polls, calendar, and candidate profiles, financial reports, events and live discussions.
Washington Post - Election 2008
Complete coverage of the 2008 elections including presidential, congressional and governor campaigns.
Wikinews - Category: 2008 United States Presidential Election
Citizen-journalist news stories about the campaign, candidates and political party conventions.
YouTube - You Choose '08
Videos from the presidential campaigns, the news media and other contributors. Includes clips of candidates on the issues.
The Economist - The Battle of Hope and Experience
Special report on the U.S. presidential election compares and contrasts Barack Obama and John McCain an the issues. (October 02, 2008)
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