The present category is for web sites about this incumbent United States Senator if the web sites originate at a non-partisan source. Non-partisan and clearly factual web sites can be listed here, if their content is not covered by sites that are already here. The content should not be politically slanted and should be clearly factual. Other web sites about this Senator can be submitted in other DMOZ categories, such as a category about candidates and campaigns.

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Senator John McCain
Official website of the U.S. Senator for Arizona, Republican party.
Ballotpedia - John McCain
Wiki about the Arizona politician.
Bloomberg - John McCain
Collected news articles, videos, photos and blog posts about the Arizona politician.
C-SPAN Video Library - John S. McCain
Videos and transcripts of appearances on C-SPAN of U.S. Senator. [R] AZ, United States. - John McCain
Information on sponsored and cosponsored legislation. From the Library of Congress.
FEC - Candidate Summary Reports: John McCain
Official Senate campaign finance reports and data from the Federal Election Commission.
Foreign Affairs - An Enduring Peace Built on Freedom
John McCain: America needs a president who can revitalize the country's purpose and standing in the world and defeat terrorist adversaries who threaten liberty at home and abroad. There is an enormous amount to do. The next U.S. president must be ready to show America and the world that this country's best days are yet to come and be ready to establish an enduring peace based on freedom. - Sen. John McCain [R-AZ],
Legislative profile and bill tracking.
The Guardian - John McCain
Latest news, analysis and comment about the Arizona politician.
IMDb - John McCain
Lists of film and television appearances along with related videos.
The Nation - The Real McCain
Article discusses McCain's political positions.
The New York Times - John McCain News
Ongoing collection of news articles, commentary, photos and multimedia about the Arizona Senator.
NNDB - John McCain
Formatted profile of the U.S. Senator.
On the Issues - 2008 Presidential Candidates: John McCain
Provides quotes and background on various international, domestic, economic and social issues. Includes profile, contact data, forum and VoteMatch.
On the Issues - Arizona Senator John McCain
Provides quotes and background on various international, domestic, economic and social issues. Includes profile, contact data, forum and SenateMatch. - Senator (R-AZ) John McCain
Career profile of campaign funds raised and spent for U.S. Senate elections.
PolitiFact - John McCain's File
Truth-o-meter fact-checking of statements by the Arizona politician. A project of the Tampa Bay Times.
Project Vote Smart: Senator John McCain
Information from PVS including the Senator's biography, issue positions, interest group ratings, committee assignments, campaign finances, and voting record.
Roll Call - John McCain
Profile, election history and collected news reports. - John McCain
Rumor control information on urban legends about Senator John McCain.
Topix - John McCain News
Headline links from media sources worldwide along with forum discussion.
Wall Street Journal - Sen. John McCain
News articles and commentary relating to the topic.
Washington Post - The US Congress Votes Database: John McCain
Features complete voting record along with a brief biography, roles in Congress and financial disclosure statement.
Wikipedia: John McCain
Hyperlinked encyclopedia article discusses his military career, political career and political views.
WorldCat Identities - John McCain
Works by and about the subject with reviews, online copies, purchase and library availability for each. Includes related identities and associated subjects.
Washington Post - A Turbulent Youth Under a Strong Father's Shadow
The story of John McCain's early life, including the influences of his father and grandfather, up to the point of his capture by the North Vietnamese. (August 29, 2008)
Vanity Fair - John McCain: Prisoner of Conscience
Article explores the political positions and actions of Senator McCain. (February 01, 2007)
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