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Absopulse Electronics Ltd.
Power supply systems manufacturer and supplier. Product and capabilities information.
Acme-Future Security Controls Inc.
Security systems, installation and monitoring services. Company, product and service information.
Soft x-ray and EUV light sources for semiconductor lithography.
Amtek Engineering Services
Defense systems contractor. Service, company, careers and contact information.
Armstrong Monitoring Corporation
Hazardous materials monitoring and handling systems. Company profile, including products and services.
Bakery Group
Product designers of contemporary styled lighting fixtures and furniture.
Products and services in injury biomechanics in the areas of automotive safety, sports, helmets testing, occupational safety, military and police applications. Testing process and product information.
BLR Safety & First Aid
Product listing, information about monthly deals, and list of suppliers.
Blue Bear Sound
State-of-the-art recording studio providing tracking, mixing, mastering services.
Connelly Group
Connelly Business Exhibitions Inc., R. Connelly Securities, and R. Connelly Investments Ltd. Corporate and contact information.
Cross and Associates Manufacturing
Precision machined products manufacturing. Services and equipment details, and awards section.
DCH Process Dynamics Ltd.
Specializes in providing technologies that measure industrial process variables. Product descriptions and contact details are offered.
Ethera Loudspeakers
Makers of Ethera Vital loudspeakers.
Fleet Technology Limited
Engineering services in marine, cold region, material technologies and simulation software. Service, contacts, links, publications and careers pages.
Gibson Product Design
Design consulting for the high-tech manufacturing industry. Company profile, client and portfolio information. [Flash required]
Gilmore Global
Print, fulfillment, distribution, and supply chain management services. Company, product and contact information.
HoneyBar Products International
Bar food products. Information about individual products, their nutrition, company profile, dealers and related links.
Iogen Corporation
Bioethanol and enzyme products manufacturer. Company, products and services information.
Manderley Corporation
Grows and builds natural turf surfaces, from home lawns to indoor stadiums to golf courses.
Marmah Magnetics
Manufactures various transformers and magnetic components and provides design engineering assistance for prototype development and component modification.
Med-Eng Systems, Inc.
Makers of bomb disposal and crowd control suits. Company, technology information and industry news.
Nanometrics Seismological Instruments
Manufacturer of broadband seismometers, seismographs, earthquake monitoring and turn-key VSAT seismic communications systems.
Supplier of biological alternatives to petroleum-based ingredients in cosmetics and health care. Company, technology, products and service information.
Neutronics Components Ltd.
High Tech Manufacturers Representative. Company profile, details of product lines, and manufacturers' links.
Radiation protection services. Site has company profile, service information and contact details.
O-B Firefighting
Firefighting equipment manufacturer. Profile of company and products.
Richard Brancker Research Ltd.
Precision electronic equipment for scientific research, production testing, automation and monitoring. Company and products information.
Sam Bat
Baseball bat manufacturer. Catalogue and articles, contact information.
Sentry Precision Sheet Metal Ltd
Manufactures components for all areas of the high technology sector. The majority of the work is in the area of steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
Uniform World
Uniform, medical and industrial clothing. Product and contact information.
VIS Design Inc.
Structural and miscellaneous steel detailing for the steel fabrication industry. Profile, service information, portfolio of past projects.
Acquisition of full color ultrahigh resolution 3D imaging based on laser scanning technology. Company profile, portfolio, news and services information.
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