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Billings Estate National Historic Site
Information on this heritage museum with hours, admission prices, its collection and publications.
The Bytown Museum
Historical museum of Ottawa, housed in historic building next to Rideau Canal. Site provides virtual tour, exhibit information, other programs and membership information.
Canada Agricultural Museum
Combination of a modern working farm and a museum located on the historic Central Experimental Farm. Includes information about exhibits, special events, school programs, workshops, and demonstrations.
Canada Aviation and Space Museum
Collection of historic aircraft, including the Avro Arrow. Information about collections and activities.
Canadian Museum of Nature
National natural history collections, scientific research in biodiversity, rare elements, and paleobiology, exhibits and educational activities.
Canadian Ski Museum
Documents, artifacts, photographs and memorabilia of skiing. Information about the museum, location, exhibits, events, ski shop, and sponsors is provided.
Canadian War Museum
Information about the museum, programs and activities, exhibitions, and collections.
Currency Museum of Canada
The evolution of money around the world and through the ages, including shells, teeth and cocoa beans, as well as today's currency. Hours and programme information.
The Currency Museum of the Bank of Canada
Essays about the various coins, bills and artifacts of the museum collection, and a profile of the museum.
Museum of Science and Technology
Artifacts, photographic and documentary collection, exhibits, publications, special events, school programs, workshops, demonstrations, conferences, lectures, and expert advice.
Nepean Museum
Features local current events, the history of Nepean and the museum, volunteering information, and a listing of educational displays and services.
The Royal Canadian Mint
Maker of Canadian coinage. Includes history, news, information about services, and online shopping.
University of Ottawa Museum of Classical Antiquities
Roman and Greek artifacts from 7000 BC to 700 AD. Exhibit, tours and location information.

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