The legislative branch of Canadian Government consists of the House of Commons and The Senate with their affiliated offices.

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Canada's Parliament
Provides information on Parliament, the House of Commons, the Senate, as well as on the programs, committees, bills and services to the public.
Cabinet and Ministry
Composition of the Cabinet, its committees and statistical information about Cabinet Ministers.
Cabinet Conclusions
This research tool provides access to the Cabinet Conclusions which summarize the discussions that took place at the meetings of the Federal Cabinet for the years 1944 to 1974.
Canadian Association of Former Parliamentarians
To promote democracy by working with young Canadians and young parliaments around the world.
Canadian Study of Parliament Group (CSPG)
Non-profit organization made up of individuals with an interest in the role, function and reform of parliamentary institutions. Upcoming events, online documents of conference proceedings, discussion papers and other material.
Churchill Society for the Advancement of Parliamentary Democracy
Non-partisan, charitable organization that honours the life of Sir Winston Churchill by facilitating education, discussion and debate about Canada’s parliamentary democracy.
Federal Cabinet
Current list of government Ministers and their portfolios, along with information about the Privy Council Office.
The Hill Times
Independent weekly newspaper on federal politics. News about Canada's Parliament, its politicians and their staff, and the federal bureaucracy.
Open Parliament
Monitoring the progress of bills, votes, and debates in the Canadian House of Commons.
James Bowden's scholarly blog on the institution of parliament in Canada and other Westminster systems.
Policy Monitor Canada
Free Canadian government affairs monitoring service. Information is collected from the 14 federal, provincial and territorial governments across Canada. Items are selected for posting based on their relevance to policy development, consultation and implementation.

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