Regional North America Canada Education Resources for Educators
Educational resource sites dealing with Canada or are specifically for Canadian teachers and students.

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Boreal Laboratories Ltd.
Science supplier for educational institutions in Canada, selling experiment kits, testing equipment and books.
Canada Home School Directory
Resources, support groups and laws for homeschooling
A resource offering quick information about Canadians who have achieved in some manner or performed heroic tasks and have been honoured in Canada.
Canadian Atlas Online Learning Centre
Classroom lesson plans prepared for topics featured in The Canadian Atlas Online by teacher-members of The Canadian Council for Geographic Education.
Canadian Educational Resources
A collection of links to learning resources. Includes information for parents, teachers and schools and covers numerous learning disciplines.
Canadian Homeschool Resources
Canadian homeschool support groups and online resources.
Gifted Canada
A forum for Canadian researchers, educators, organizations and families to share information concerning gifted education, research and resources.
K-12 Study Canada
Provides teachers and students with resources for teaching and learning about Canada, including workshops, teacher loan kits, lesson plans, curriculum modules and a list of related websites.
Let's Talk Science
A non-profit charity striving to improve science literacy through educational programs, research and advocacy. Provides explanations of its programs and resources for educators.
LTTA - Learning Through the Arts
Offers lesson plans in arts subjects, for teachers, combining art with K-8 subjects.
Play Scripts and Songs for Teaching
Provides materials for teachers to encourage the integration of the arts into all subject areas. Files are available for music, drama, puppets and French.
Power of Ten
Provides resources and services to assist teachers in the teaching of mathematics and arithmetic.
Social Studies - Grade 11
A social studies textbook written by the teachers of the North Vancouver school district, focused on Canada and its position in the world.
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