This category is for personal sites in which the main focus is on the local area. It is also for the personal sites of any residents of the local area, regardless of the main focus of the site.

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100 n. 30th
Snapshots and sundry articles from the city.
AL6400 Solutions
Alan Yu. Located in Vancouver.
Ani's Homepage
About author, his location, occupation and interests, lists his research publications and other projects. Also has links to his blog, photo gallery and misc other resources related to Linux kernel and other open source projects.
Breakfast in Vancouver
A city of Vancouver to a breakfast adventure.
Brian Taylor
Resume, math and personal links, recipes, and photographs.
A Chronicle of My City - Vancouver Diary
A daily weblog of local news, events, weather, culture, and anything else Ken Gardner wants to discuss.
Coulson Castle On Wheels
Vancouver couple, Rick and Susan, share their travel adventures in a motorhome across Canada.
Darren Bockman
Details interests and hobbies, and includes portfolio of graphic and web design, illustration and photography work.
David Mak
Weblog from a video production manager and real estate broker.
Eric Hamber Class of '83 20th Reunion
Missed the reunion? Photos submitted by members of the Class of '83.
Everything is Connected
A blog about everyday activities of life such as traveling, eating and running.
How's the Experiment Going?
Weblog of opinions held by middle-aged dyke. Topics include politics, cancer, epiphanies, and news items.
Ingerman, Erik: Moral Flexibility.Net
Weblog, photographs, movie reviews, and reports about hobbies such as mountain bike riding and skydiving.
Janet Martin
Illustration and web development. Vancouver, BC.
Jim Cliffe - Hillwalker
Features information on Vancouver and Canada, a photo gallery, personality tests and descriptions, and a guide to hot springs.
Jim's Page
Dedicated to Jim's family, with long lost, old family photos, and links.
Joel Bakan
Author, filmmaker and a professor of law at the University of British Columbia. Examines the social, economic, and political dimensions of law. Vancouver.
Mike Wiebe
A weblog and photo gallery from a guy, writing about his thoughts, rants, happenings and humour.
Muir, Duncan
Personal photographs and weather and travel links.
My Boots n Me
Features nature photography of sites in the Lower Mainland as well as in South America, with commentary.
Photoblog Vancouver
Photos of life in and around Vancouver.
Simon Edgett
Musings, projects and knowledge sharing.
Simple Vancouver
Vancouver-based informational portal about travel, sports, tourism and DIY immigration applications.
Stephen Rees's Blog
Comments on daily living and issues.
Trninić Info
Milan Trninic's personal page. Includes photo galleries, library, professional interests, resume and the Trninic-Jovetic family tree.
Vancouver Lens
Dedicated to life in Vancouver and promotes alternative transportation, attractions, tourism, social justice, and the Olympics.
Offers articles, news and coupons.
The Whinery
A Ghanaian woman in Vancouver blogs about food, style and travel. Includes a number of recipes.
Wignes Web
All things Wignes.
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