Information about Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti.
Bitterness boils over at Barghouti trial
Describing the acrimonious scene at the opening of Barghouti's trial, with his protest of innocence, and with Israeli protesters screaming that his fifteen-year-old daughter is a whore, and one even attempting to physically attack her.
Electronic Intifada - Marwan Barghouti Presents Charge Sheet Against State of Israel
Detailing Barghouti's charges of Israel's human rights violations in its occupation of the Palestinian territories, as well as in Lebanon and toward its Arab citizens, presented in the context of his trial.
Mandela to observe Fatah leader's trial
Describing that former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela will observe the trial of Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti, and his expression that Israel's prosection is comparable to his own prosecution by South Africa's Apartheid government.
Senior Palestinian on trial in Israel
Describing Barghouti's argument that Israel does not have the right to try him, because he is an elected political leader, and not a criminal. Also detailing accusations by a judge, before the presentation of any evidence, that Barghouti is guilty.
Wikipedia - Marwan Barghouti
Hyperlinked encyclopedia entry provides a biography of the Palestinian Fatah leader.
Jewish brains in chains
Critiquing the Barghouti trial, including the open bias of one of the judges hearing the case. (October 18, 2002)
Haaretz - A Trying Trial for the State
Description of the conduct of the audience at Barghouti's trial. (October 04, 2002)
Tunisia-born Jewish lawyer says she will defend Barghouti
Gisele Halimi, who made a name for herself by defending Algerians fighting French rule, announces that she will represent Tanzim leader Marwan Barghouti during his trial in Israel on terror charges. Also describing efforts to get a judge removed from his case for her biased pretrial remarks. (September 07, 2002)
Bitter Circus Erupts as Israel Indicts a Top Fatah Figure
Describing court proceedings where the defendant, a prominent Palestinian who has long advocated peace, announced his intention to prove Israel guilty of crimes, and the prosecutor indicated an intention to grandstand about the evils of the Palestinian authority, with truth an apparent afterthought. [Free registration required] (August 15, 2002)
Interview with Marwan Barghouti
An outline of the Palestinian leader's political positions, and his goal of establishing a Palestinian state on the occupied territories, according with Israel's 1967 borders. (August 07, 2002)
Profile: Marwan Barghouti
Providing a biographical overview, and suggesting that but for Israel's decision to charge him with crimes he seemed ideally suited to negotiate for peace. (April 16, 2002)
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