Kibbutz is a kind of communal settlement unique to Israel. About 287 Kibbutzim (plural of Kibbutz) exists today, making about 1.8% of the population of Israel, about 7% of the Israeli industry and more than 50% of the Israeli agriculture. The kibbutzim owns a vast variety of industrial plants, producing everything from rags to high-tech, for export as well as domestic consumers. The kibbutzim industry as a group is one of the biggest employers in Israel, providing salary and dignity not only to Kibbutz member but also to new immigrants, Israeli Arabs and Israelis in general.
Kibbutzim Industries Association
Main site for the Kibbutzim industries. Find information about the Kibbutzim and their industries, a database of factories, and investments and business opportunities.
Gan Shmuel Foods
Kibbutz Gan-Shmuel's food industry. The factory processes citruses and tomatoes. Israel's largest food exporter. Find profile, catalog and virtual tours of the factory.
Israel's largest industrial agricultural cooperative.
Hanita Lenses
Kibbutz Hanita contact lenses and intra ocular lenses industry. Find profile and catalogs.
I.M.A. Engineering Ltd.
Design and manufactures systems and machines for honeycomb plants, corrugated cardboard industry and bale openers.
Maabarot Products
Kibbutz Maabarot powdered food industries. Produces powdered food for human consumption, pet foods and veterinary milk substitutes. Some of its brand names: Nutricare, Nutrilac, Nutrisoy, Immunocol, Halavit and Bonzo. Find profile and catalogs.
Marla Slott
Original oil paintings and watercolors of Israeli desert landscapes by an artist from Kibbutz Ketura.
Kibbutz Migvan's Internet technologies and websites design branch.
Palbam Class
Manufacturer of clean room equipment, furniture, tables, and workstations. Company profile, technical information on cleanroom materials, and product photos and descriptions.
Palgal Plastic Products
Kibbutz Heftzi-Bah plastic industry. Manufacturer of polybutylene pipes and fittings, pressure pipes and fittings systems, Heating system for Greenhouses and PVC Ducts. Find profile and catalog.
Polygal Plastic Industries
Kibbutz Ramat-Hashofet plastic industry. Specializes in Polycarbonate and Polypropylene sheets and advanced glazing systems. Find profile, catalog, projects, list of applications, news and even downloadable files and software for engineering purposes.
Ramat-David Metal Works
Kibbutz Ramat-David's metal works industry. Also named "Ramat David Industries (1993) ltd". Produces hooklift systems for general transportation, waste disposal, cotton moving and army transportation. Find profile and catalog.
Raviv ACS
Kibbutz Revivim's industrial group. A QS9000/ISO9001 precision injection molding plant, specializing in full solution from research and development, design, mold building, finishing and JIT, supplying to OEMs and tiers in the automotive industry. Several subsidiaries, specializing in automotive fuel valves, molds production and products assembly. Profile including history and departments profiles, and products' samples.
Kibbutz Mashabei-Sadeh brass hot forging and machining industry. Sagiv produces a variety of valves and fittings, manual and motorized, for water, gas and other fluids. They also forge Magnesium (this is a new innovative project). Find profile and catalog.
Shelah Systems - Agricultural Engineering Services
A Plant at Kibbutz Alonim. Specializing in design and production of computerized automation and control systems for agriculture
Teldor - Wires and Cables Ltd.
Kibbutz Ein-Dor's wires and cables industry.
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