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Ancient Iranian Ceramics
Describes and illustrates the 5,000 year ceramic tradition that flourished in ancient Iran until 100 BCE, which establishes ancient Iranian pottery as one of the great ceramic traditions.
Culture of Iran
General site about Iranian culture, rituals, ceremonies and history.
FlyingFish - Salman Rushdie, British Petroleum (BP) and Iran
Britain's current foreign policy towards Iran and Salman Rushdie's situation, history of BP's origins as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company; the 1953 BP/MI6/CIA-orchestrated coup of Iran's president Mussadiq, who was intent on reclaiming Iran's resources from the grip of foreign powers.
Historical Buildings in Shiraz
Historical buildings in Shiraz and Marvdasht including Perspolis /Thakht-e-Jamshid and Naghsh-e-Rostam.
History of the Christians In Iran
Book by Zarin Behravesh Pakizegi.
Iran Photo Album
Persian history, artifacts, and music. Numerous photos of objects and places dating from 5000 BC.
The National Security Archive - The Iran Documentation Project
Provides document collections, electronic briefing books and printed books relating to United States foreign policy from the 1953 coup onwards.
Parthian Empire - The History of Ancient Parthia
Non-commercial, educational web site dedicated to the history and coins of ancient Parthia with sections on geography and resources. Includes a bibliography that exceeds 1,100 items directly concerned with Parthia.
Persia or Iran, a Brief History
This section of Iransaga provides an insight into Persian history pre-twentieth century.
Skews Me - Assassins
Brief description of Hasan ibn-al-Sabbah and the Order of Assassins.

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