This category is specifically for the Cyprus conflict. It covers the period from the Annexation of the island after the First World War, the political unrest in the 1930's,  the formation of AOKA and TMT in the 1950's, the intercommunal violence between 1963 and 1974, the Turkish intervention and its aftermath. It also covers the various negotiations that have taken place.

Sites of a general historical nature should be submitted to Society and culture/History.

Sites relating to "government in exile" should be submitted to the specific locality or district.

Related categories 1

Lobby for Cyprus
An organisation with the aim of reuniting Cyprus.
Truth Now
A NGO seeking to ascertain the fate of the missing persons of Cyprus. Profile, objectives, actions taken, and contact details.
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Offers history, articles and documents related to the intervention of Turkey and the Cyprus issue.
UN Peacekeeping Force In Cyprus
Force established on the island since 1964. Pictures, historical information, issues of the Blue Beret magazine.
United for Cyprus Campaign
An analysis of the division of Cyprus, the quest for a solution, and the co-operation between Greek and Turkish Cypriots in attempting to live peacefully together
Wikipedia, Cyprus Dispute
Background to the Cyprus dispute. Includes a history of the island, reasons for the dispute, events during the dispute, and the attempts at settlement.
Wikipedia: Kokkina Exclave
History and background of the TRNC enclave of Erenkoy (Turkish) or Kokkina (Greek), an area administered by the TRNC, but surrounded by the RoC district of Nicosia.
BBC News: Cyprus Sets Date for Peace Talks
Report of the UN authorised meeting of leaders from both sides of the green line agree to launch reunification talks in early September. Links to the current state of the negotiations. (July 25, 2008)
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