This category contains sites about the Socialist Party, whose registered name is Socialist Alternative. Militant Tendency, founded in 1964, was a group operating in the Labour Party. In 1991 the majority of the group left the Labour Party and changed its name to Militant Labour. In 1997 the name was changed to the Socialist Party. However, the ownership of this name has been contested by the Socialist Party of Great Britain (founded in 1904). As a result, they began to use the name "The Socialist Party of England and Wales", and registered the name "Socialist Alternative" with the Electoral Commission.

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Socialist Party (England and Wales)
Party information, editorials and articles. Includes a socialist plan for the future and answers to Frequently Asked Questions about socialism and various issues. Formerly known as Militant. Stands in elections as "Socialist Alternative".
Campaign Against Domestic Violence: CADV
Promotes a 12 point action programme which outlines the reforms which CADV believes must be implemented. Affiliated with the Socialist Party.
Militant 1964 - 1997
Official Militant Tendency website. Thirty two years of Militant, now The Socialist, paper of the Socialist Party, with links to the Socialist Party.
No to War - International Socialist Resistance
Campaigning against war. Also anti-capitalist: against the multinational corporations and the globalisation of capitalism, and the war, poverty, and hunger which capitalism breeds.
Socialism Today
The monthly journal of the Socialist Party.
The Socialist
Articles from and subscription and contact information for the weekly newspaper of the Socialist Party.
Socialist Party Teachers
Supporters of the Socialist Party in the teaching profession. News and commentary.
Socialist Students
Movement within the National Union of Students with the following demands: Free education, scrap tuition fees. Restore the student grant. Write off student debt. End Low Pay. Affordable rents, Business out of education. Affiliated with the Socialist Party.
Wikipedia: Socialist Party (England and Wales)
Lists policies, work and history of the Socialist Party.
Young Socialist Action
Youth wing of the Socialist Party (England and Wales). Fights against racism, for free post secondary education, for decent wages and against capitalist globalisation.
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