This category should only contain websites about the history of the Liberal Democrat Party,
its predecessor the Liberal Party, and Famous Liberals of the past.
Those Liberal Democrats that became Leaders of the Party in the UK, or the devolved countries, are also listed here.
This category also contains websites for Liberal Democrats that have served in the UK Parliament as an  MP,
 (including those representing constituencies in the devolved countries at Westminster),
   and those that have been  Peers of the House of Lords,
as well as Members of the Scottish Parliament,  (MSP),
   Welsh Liberal Democrats who were Members of the  Welsh Assembly for Wales (  WAM), 
     or represent a UK Regional constituency at the European Parliament (MEP),
These websites should remain here until the Liberal Democrat is re-elected,
but may be linked from other categories where appropriate, such as  Candidates.

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Brooke, Annette
Liberal Democrat MP for Mid Dorset and North Poole (7 June 2001 – 7 May 2015 ). Biography, local information, speeches and articles, and details of activities in Westminster.
Crockart, Mike
Liberal Democrat MP for Edinburgh West.from 6 May 2010 – 30 March 2015.
Foster, Don
Liberal Democrat MP for Bath (9 April 1992 – 30 March 2015). The Right Honourable The Lord Foster of Bath PC. Biography, constituency information, surgery details, and activities in Westminster.
Leech, John
Liberal Democrat MP for Manchester Withington (5 May 2005 – 30 March 2015). Includes local news, contact details, surveys and petitions.
Liberal Democrat History Group
Researching historical topics, particularly those relating to the Liberal Democrats, Liberal Party and the SDP. History of the Liberal Party and its successors, bibliographies and other resources.
Liberal Democrat Manifestos
Provides the text of all Liberal Party, SDP and Liberal Democrat General Election manifestos from 1900 to the present.
Liberal Party
Includes brief history, total votes and percentages in general elections covering the years from 1868-1987.
Liberal Party (UK)
Wikipedia article about the Liberal Party, a predecessor of the Liberal Democrats.
Liberal Party Leaders
Liberal and Liberal Democrat leaders in the House of Commons and the Lords from 1834 to the present. Includes leadership election results for Thorpe, Steel, Ashdown and Kennedy.
List of United Kingdom Liberal Democrat Leaders
Wikipedia article listing the leaders of the Party from its formation in 1988.
List of United Kingdom Liberal Party Leaders
Wikipedia article listing the leaders of the Liberal Party from 1859 until the merger in 1988.
Wikipedia article about the Peelite party, a predecessor of the Liberal Party.
Radicals (UK)
Wikipedia article about the Radicals party, a predecessor of the Liberal Party.
Social Democratic Party (UK)
Wikipedia article about the Social Democratic Party, a predecessor of the Liberal Democrats.
Wikipedia article on the President of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party, when serving as LibDem MEP for for the South West England between 1994 until 2014.
Wikipedia article about the Whig party, a predecessor of the Liberal Party.
Whig and allied party leaders
Wikipedia article on the leadership and history of the Whigs, Radicals and Peelites from 1801 to 1859, when the Liberal Party was formed.
Wikipedia: Roger Williams CBE
Article on the Liberal Democrat MP for Brecon and Radnorshire. Profile and biography from 1948, political parties, Brecon Beacons National Park, and links to related articles.
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