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Books by Michael Foot
Works by the author, journalist, biographer and politician available for sale online.
Independent: Alan Watkins: Michael Foot - an intellectual prizefighter
The Labour veteran, who died on Wednesday, seemed bookish, but he was an early television star who relished a skirmish
Michael Foot - Wikipedia
Article on the former leader of the Labour Party.
Telegraph: Tony Benn writes on the death of Michael Foot
Tony Benn, the veteran former Labour MP, shares his memories of Michael Foot, the ex-Labour leader, who has died at the age of 96.
Telegraph: Michael Foot remembered: A great parliamentarian and a good man
He may go down in history as Labour's worst-ever leader but Michael Foot was a huge success as a principled politician, writes Alan Cochrane. (March 04, 2010)
Times Online: Michael Foot, the most misunderstood of men
Roy Hattersley shares his memories of Michael Foot. (March 04, 2010)
Times Online: Michael Foot: Labour Party leader
Obituary for Michael Foot. (March 04, 2010)
Telegraph: Michael Foot
Michael Foot, the former Labour leader who died today aged 96, spent the latter part of his political career vainly attempting to unite a party which, during his many years as a backbench MP, he had seemed positively eager to split. (March 03, 2010)
Guardian Unlimited Politics: Michael Foot at 90
Collection of articles from the Guardian and the Observer reflecting on the former Labour party leader's career. (July 23, 2007)
BBC Sport: Plymouth Honour Left-Winger Foot
Plymouth have signed former Labour Party leader and long-standing fan Michael Foot as a 90th birthday present. (August 06, 2003)
BBC News: Foot's passion burns brightly at 90
Former Labour leader Michael Foot calls for more powers for the Welsh assembly as he celebrates his 90th birthday. BBC News article by Patrick Hannan. (July 23, 2003)
BBC News: Foot's message of hope to left
Former Labour leader Michael Foot has a message of hope for the left of his party as he prepares to celebrate his 90th birthday. Column by BBC Political Correspondent Nyta Mann. (July 14, 2003)
BBC News: The Westminster Hour: Michael's Foot Notes
The veteran left-winger reflects on Labour leaders he has known over half a century. From Attlee to Blair, Michael Foot assesses the contribution of those who won power - and those who failed. Includes Real Audio of the radio programme. (October 06, 2002)
BBC News: Michael Foot: The battle with the SDP
Michael Foot became Labour leader in 1980 - and battled against enemies within and outside the party. (February 22, 2002)
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