Guardian Webguide to Tony Benn
The Guardian newspaper looks at Tony Benn's life and career through a series of weblinks.
Guardian: Benn Bows out to Tears and Tributes
Article on Tony Benn's final speech to the House of Commons.
Guardian: Brief Encounter: Tony Benn
Introduction to the conversation between Tony Benn and Nick Stadlen. Includes a link to the recorded conversation.
Guardian: The Wit and Wisdom of Tony Benn
Quotes from Tony Benn at the Hay Festival.
An Interview With Tony Benn
C.J. Stone talks to Tony Benn in the fall of 2000 on the anti-globalisation movement and other issues.
New Internationalist: Interview with Tony Benn
Allan Hughes talks to Tony Benn about class and politics.
Telegraph: Tony Benn: Making Mistakes is Part of Life
An interview with Tony Benn on politicians he knew and the success or failure of his career.
Tony Benn - Official Website
Information about Tony Benn's activities including latest information about his current UK Lecture Tour, newspaper articles, books, videos and the Benn Archive of political diaries which stretch back over 65 years.
Tony Benn Quotes
Quotes and quotations by Tony Benn.
Tony Benn Quotes
Quotes and quotations.
BBC News - Tony Benn: End of an era
On the eve of his departure from the House of Commons, Tony Benn tells Newsmaker about life outside Parliament and his hopes for the future. (March 10, 2001)
Tony Benn: RealAudio interview
Discussion with Benn, one of the most influential socialist politicians in Europe, retiring from the British House of Commons after almost 50 years in politics, with host Ray Suarez on NPR's Talk of the Nation. (September 22, 1999)
The End of Fabianism in Britain
The veteran Labour MP and former Cabinet Minister, has announced his retirement from Parliament. At 74 years of age, he is the longest-serving Labour MP in Britain and the acknowledged leader of what little remains of the party's left wing. (July 07, 1999)
Benn Dynasty
When Hilary Benn takes up his Commons seat he will join his father and the spirit of his grandfather and great-grandfathers before him. BBC profile. (June 11, 1999)
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