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Guardian: A marriage by any other name
Adrian Gillan. With equality in sight, it is therefore more important than ever that the gay community does not relax but plays the most active role possible in the consultation and debate over the coming months.
Guardian: Equal rights plan for gay couples
Barbara Roche will be consulting over the summer on the complex practicalities of introducing partnership registration for gay couples, and it is thought that a short bill setting out the changes could be introduced in the next session of parliament. The shadow home secretary, Oliver Letwin, indicated that the Conservatives would support the measure when legislation was introduced.
Guardian: Ever closer union
Leader. The government took a large stride in the march towards a more equal society yesterday by offering gays and lesbians the chance to have a civil partnership, which confers the same legal rights as a marriage.
Guardian: New legal rights for gay couples
Clare Dyer, legal correspondent. Same-sex partners to get property and inheritance entitlements, but new law will not extend to recognition of unmarried heterosexuals.
Guardian: Single-sex partnerships set to win property rights
Michael White, political editor. The government is poised to endorse the concept of a civil partnership which will provide same-sex couples with property rights and other benefits.
Observer: Gay couples win full rights to 'marriage'
Kamal Ahmed and Gaby Hinsliff. Under the Civil Partnerships Bill to be published on 31 March 2004, same-sex couples will be able to sign a register held by the register office in a procedure similar to a marriage.
Economist: The case for gay marriage
"It rests on equality, liberty and even society." (February 26, 2004)
Telegraph: Gay couples to get rights as 'civil partners'
George Jones, political editor. The Civil Partnership Bill will allow gay and lesbian couples who register to have new legal status as "civil partners" and would acquire a package of rights and responsibilities. (November 27, 2003)
Telegraph: Tory switch over legal rights for gay couples
George Jones, political editor. The Conservatives are preparing to demonstrate a shift to a more inclusive approach under Michael Howard's leadership by allowing a free vote on legislation giving same-sex couples similar legal rights to married partnerships. (November 24, 2003)
Telegraph: Scottish law on gay marriages is ruled out
Tom Peterkin, Scotland political correspondent. Scottish ministers yesterday tried to avoid a repeat of the furore over Section 28 when they handed responsibility for legislation that will recognise homosexual marriages to Westminster. (September 11, 2003)
Telegraph: Pope attacks 'evil' gay marriages
Government proposals to recognise homosexual "civil partnerships" were denounced by the Pope yesterday as the legitimisation of "evil". Moves to grant legal rights to gay couples will undermine marriage and must be strongly opposed by Roman Catholic politicians, a Vatican document approved by the Pontiff said. (August 01, 2003)
Telegraph: Rights for same-sex couples
Ministers will bring forward a consultation document on civil partnership to present to Parliament before the summer recess. (June 09, 2003)
Telegraph: A huge step forward
Nicole Martin. Comments from those most affected: same-sex partners. (December 07, 2002)
BBC: Equality 'too late' for many couples
While plans to improve the legal status of gay couples have been welcomed, any changes will be too late for those who have already lost a partner. (December 06, 2002)
BBC: Gay couples 'to get equal rights'
Minister for social exclusion and equalities Barbara Roche has said there is a strong case for allowing same-sex couples to register their relationships. Co-habiting couples do not currently receive the same tax breaks or entitlements that married couples enjoy, including access to a partner's pension. (December 06, 2002)
BBC: Head to head: Gay equality
Ian Burford, actor who signed a London 'partnership register' with Alexander Cannell, and Colin Hart, director of the Christian Institute, give their reactions to ministers' plans for legally-recognised civil partnerships. (December 06, 2002)
Telegraph: Gays to have the rights of married couples
Francis Elliott, deputy political editor. A review led by Barbara Roche, the minister responsible for equality issues, has concluded that gay couples should be allowed to register their relationships, conferring on them the same next-of-kin, property, and inheritance rights as marriage. (November 10, 2002)
Telegraph: Bill to give gay couples more rights
Joshua Rozenberg, legal editor. A Private Members Bill to give homosexuals and cohabitants some of the rights enjoyed by married couples will be launched this week by the Liberal Democrat lawyer, Lord Lester of Herne Hill, QC, in the House of Lords. (January 07, 2002)
Telegraph | News
Sarah Womack, political correspondent. Reactions to the statement by Lady Morgan, the minister for women and equality, that she was considering introducing a nationwide register for same-sex partners to extend the pension and inheritance benefits that married couples receive. (November 03, 2001)
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