Harold Wilson, British Prime Minister 1964-70 and 1974-6, Labour. Born: 11 March 1916 in Cowlersley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire. Died: 24 May 1995 in London.
BBC News: Wilson's economic gamble
Documents disclosed for the first time appear to show that Prime Minister Harold Wilson considered some unexpected political tactics in 1970.
BBC On This Day: Prime Minister Harold Wilson resigns
Harold Wilson's sudden resignation on 16 March, 1976. Video footage available.
The Guardian: Harold Wilson - Leading Labour beyond pipe dreams
The Guardian's obituary of Wilson written by Geoffrey Goodman.
InfoBritain: Harold Wilson
Biographical article.
Paul Foot: Harold Wilson and the Labour Left
Published in International Socialism (1st series), No.33, Summer 1968.
Paul Foot: Pipe dreams
Paul Foot recalls the Labour victory of 1964 and how his hopes of the time were swiftly shattered. Published in the Socialist Review. (June 01, 1995)
Time: Britain: Looking Back at No. 10
Review of Harold Wilson's book, 'The Governance of Britain'. (October 25, 1976)
Time: Harold Wilson's Stunning Last Surprise
Article on Wilson’s unexpected resignation in 1976. (March 29, 1976)
Time: Harold Wilson: 'A Sense of Timing'
Analysis of Wilson's plans after the House of Commons approved the government's emergency package. (August 04, 1975)
Time: A Tiny Victory for Harold Wilson
Article on Wilson’s second narrow victory in 1974. (October 21, 1974)
Time: Wilson's First Hundred Hours
Article on the beginnings of Wilson’s second premiership. (March 18, 1974)
Time: Yes or No for Europe
Article on the chances of the UK joining the Common Market after Harold Wilson’s return from his sixth travel to the Common Market countries. (March 17, 1967)
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