James Callaghan, British Prime Minister 1976-9, Labour. Born: 27 March 1912 in Portsmouth, Hampshire. Died: 26 March 2005 in East Sussex.
BBC On This Day: 'No chaos here' declares Callaghan
The Prime Minister, James Callaghan, flies back into strike-torn Britain denying allegations the country is in chaos, 10 January, 1979.
BBC On This Day: Callaghan is new prime minister
James Callaghan wins the Labour leadership contest and takes over at Number 10 Downing Street, 5 April, 1976.
BBC On This Day: Early election as Callaghan defeated
Prime Minister James Callaghan loses a parliamentary vote of confidence by a minority of one - forcing him to call an early general election, 28 March, 1979.
The Guardian: I'll fix economy and beat the Tories, James Callaghan wrote – then came the winter of discontent
Description of The "Jim'll Fix it" note, which shows Callaghan's unfounded optimism in 1978.
The Guardian: James Callaghan considered using troops in oil tanker dispute
Papers released from the National Archive add interesting details to the history of The Winter of Discontent.
The Guardian: Lord Callaghan
Obituary written by David McKie.
InfoBritain: James Callaghan
Biographic article.
Leadership and Change: Prime Ministers in the Post-War World - James Callaghan
Lecture by Professor the Lord (Kenneth) Morgan with response by Professor Peter Hennessy. Full text, audio and video files.
WalesOnline: Official papers show why James Callaghan failed to call an early election in 1978
Labour Prime Minister James Callaghan abandoned plans for a snap general election out of a "malicious" delight in confounding the Tories, according to official papers made public after 30 years in 2008.
“A good Labour man” and the end of reformism
Article By Ann Talbot. (June 10, 2005)
The Atlantic: The Chap on Duty
Obituary by Mark Steyn. (May 01, 2005)
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