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BBC On This Day: Powell slates immigration policy
News of the Conservative right-winger, Enoch Powell's speech attacking the government's immigration policy on April 20, 1968.
BBC Radio 4: Desert Island Discs - Castaway: Enoch Powell
Sue Lawley's castaway is politician Enoch Powell.
The Birmingham Speech - 1968
Press cuttings about and the text of the speech a.k.a. the "Rivers of Blood" speech.
Enoch Powell speaks about Europe
Audio of a 1976 speech by Powell against Britain joining the European Community.
Enoch Powell: Life and Views
Complete bibliography of his works and references, and the full text of speeches.
The Guardian: An Enigma of Awkward Passions
Obituaries by Norman Shrapnel and Mike Phillips.
The Guardian: Enoch Powell dismissed for 'racialist' speech
Article published two days after the Birmingham speech in the "Leaders and letters" section.
The Guardian: Tory Leaders Still Torn on Race Bill
Originally published in the Guardian on 23 April 1968, after the dismissal of Mr Enoch Powell from the Shadow Cabinet yesterday.
The Observer: Stop shouting, start talking
On the demonstrations in support of Powell.
The Papers of Enoch Powell
Description of the personal and public papers of Enoch Powell, deposited at the Churchill Archives Centre.
Science Museum, Brought to Life: Enoch Powell
Entry on Powell with emphasis on his work as Minister of Health.
Speech to Royal Society of St George - 1961
The text of the speech with illustrations.
Wikipedia: Enoch Powell
Article updated by the public about the Conservative MP for for Wolverhampton South West from 1950 to 1974, then Ulster Unionist (1974 to 1987 MP for South Down from 1974 to 1987, who died in 1998 aged 85. Includes biography, political career, references and related links.
Telegraph: The Ukip letters to Enoch Powell
Documents unearthed by The Telegraph from an archive held at the University of Cambridge show that Ukip wrote to Mr Powell asking for his support to win a by-election in 1994. (December 12, 2014)
Telegraph: Behind Enoch Powell's monstrous image lay a man of exceptional integrity
A century after his birth, Enoch Powell still seems more modern than most politicians. Article by Peter Oborne. (July 18, 2012)
BBC Radio 4: The New Elizabethans, Enoch Powell
James Naughtie considers the controversial parliamentarian Enoch Powell. (July 16, 2012)
British Future: Powell: “best understood as part of our history”
Article by Sunder Katwala, the former general secretary of the Fabian Society. (June 15, 2012)
Telegraph: Rory Stewart plans 'definitive' biography on Enoch Powell
Rory Stewart, the Tory MP, is researching a book exploring the parallel lives of politicians Enoch Powell and Michael Foot. (July 12, 2011)
Naim Attallah Online: No Longer With Us: Enoch Powell
Interview with Powell concentrating on his carrier as a scholar and poet. (May 14, 2010)
The Telegraph - Calcutta: After Coronation Street
Britain has a serious white problem on its hands, argues Swapan Dasgupta. He recalls his meeting with Powell and analyzing the breakdown of traditional community bonds he comes up with an interesting conclusion. (October 30, 2009)
The Caerulean: Bella, horrida bella, Et Thybrim multo spumantem sanguine
Controversial verdict on Enoch Powell's Birmingham speech by UCL student Ben Mechen. [PDF] (September 10, 2009)
BBC News: Powell's 'rivers of blood' legacy
Examining whether Enoch Powell's Birmingham speech 40 years ago had a lasting impact on race relations, with links to related articles. (April 18, 2008)
BBC Radio 4: 1968 - Myth or Reality?: Rivers of Blood, The Real Source
Radio programme with an article about the background by the presenter, Rob Shepherd. [Real Audio format] (March 03, 2008)
Institute of Race Relations: The beatification of Enoch Powell
Article in which Jenny Bourne predicts attempts to rehabilitate Enoch Powell's reputation. (November 21, 2007)
Telegraph: When will Tories admit that Enoch was right?
Just as we thought we had grown up on the issue of immigration, the Conservative Party proves the contrary is true, writes Simon Heffer. (November 07, 2007)
Telegraph: Enoch Powell's 'Rivers of Blood' speech
The full text of Enoch Powell's so-called 'Rivers of Blood' speech, which was delivered to a Conservative Association meeting in Birmingham on April 20 1968. (November 06, 2007)
Daily Mail: Widow in Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood speech really did exist
Article putting an end to a forty year old question. (February 02, 2007)
BBC Radio 4 - Document: A Laudable Invasion
In search of the anonymous old lady referred to in Enoch Powell’s Birmingham Speech. [Real Audio format] (January 22, 2007)
BBC News: Enoch was right on Ireland, says Thatcher
In a review of Simon Heffer's book on Powell Lady Thatcher insisted that Enoch Powell had been right and she had been wrong when he opposed her signing the Anglo-Irish Agreement in 1985. (November 03, 1998)
Paul Foot: Beyond the Powell
Obituary by the journalist who wrote one of the first books on Enoch Powell. (March 01, 1998)
BBC News: Politicians say farewell to Enoch Powell
Politicians have turned out in force to honour the late Conservative and Ulster Unionist MP, Enoch Powell. (February 18, 1998)
The Economist: Enoch Powell
John Enoch Powell, political maverick, died on February 8th, aged 85. Obituary, (February 12, 1998)
The New York Times: Enoch Powell, British Rightist, Dies at 85
Obituary by Eric Pace. (February 09, 1998)
Telegraph: Enoch Powell
Enoch Powell, who has died aged 85, was one of the most brilliant and controversial figures of British political life in the 20th century. (February 09, 1998)
The Independent: Christ was not crucified, says Enoch Powell
Jesus was not crucified by the Romans, but stoned for blasphemy by the Jewish authorities, according to a forthcoming book by Enoch Powell, the former Conservative minister. (August 16, 1994)
Paul Foot: Powell’s Poison Platform
An evaluation of Powell’s attitude to immigration and race from a left-wing point of view. (December 01, 1986)
J. Enoch Powell: Human rights
Published in the Journal of Medical Ethics. Full text is available as a scanned copy of the original print version and a PDF file. (January 01, 1977)
J. Enoch Powell: Health and Wealth
Published in Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine. Full text is available as a scanned copy of the original print version and a PDF file. (January 01, 1962)
J. Enoch Powell: The Elephant and the Whale
Published in the British Medical Journey. Full text is available as a scanned copy of the original print version and a PDF file. (May 27, 1961)
British Medical Journal: Mr. Enoch Powell Minister of Health
The full text of the article is available as a scanned copy of the original print version in a PDF file. (August 06, 1960)
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