Recycling involves processing used materials into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials and reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials.
Asbestos Information Centre
Independent organization providing information on how to manage asbestos-containing building materials. Includes details of past uses of asbestos and a list of trade names of materials that contained asbestos.
Enlightened Lamp Recycling Ltd
Company based in Redhill, Surrey specialising in the treatment and recycling of fluorescent lamps, mercury and other hazardous waste, with a national collect and recycle service.
Matches people who have things they want to get rid of with people who can use them, keeping usable items out of landfills. Local group search, explanation and etiquette.
Offers to remind users by email or text to put our their recycling and other household waste on the correct day for collection by their local council.
Keep Britain Tidy
Information, publications and advice on waste reduction, reuse and recycling.
Recycling and waste management news and information
P V Surveys Ltd
Provide asbestos surveys locally in London, Sussex, Kent, Essex and nationally across the UK also offers training. Includes overview, services and meet the team.
National charity aiming to maximise plastics recycling in the UK, promote best practices and provide educational and training tools.
Recycle Now
Advice and ideas on recycling. Aims to promote recycling through campaigns.
Gives recycling information for business, schools and consumers.
Educational site dealing with the 3Rs; reduce, reuse and recycle. Besides information, it provides fun, activity, recycler and teacher zones.
Recycling & Waste World
Magazine published weekly providing a source of information for the UK recycling and waste management industry.
Recycling Guide
Provides tips and advice on how to recycle almost anyything. Includes news and readers' comments.
Resource Futures
Waste consultancy. Includes details of services, public sector and commercial projects, education and assisting charitable organisations.
Online community and recycling site.
Waste and Recycling
Provides news and information on waste in the UK, strategy, legislation, what happens to it, controls and permits, and information for local authorities.
Waste Online
Provides information on waste, the problems it causes, what happens to it, current legislation and how to reduce waste in the home and workplace.
Organisation helping businesses and individuals reduce waste, develop sustainable products and use resources in an efficient way. The focus is on packaging, food waste, local authority collection and recycling systems.
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