This category represents the ‘Regional’ aspects of ‘Dartmoor National Park

For the purpose of this category, Dartmoor is regarded as the area within the boundaries of the 
Dartmoor National Park (DNP), besides the West Devon parish of Dartmoor Forest.
This includes parts of some parishes surrounding Dartmoor Forest within the DNP boundary, besides  West Devon.
These parishes appear as links at the top of the page.
Other localities may be only a short drive, but are not included as links here.
Websites referring to one address are found in the appropriate locality category linked from this page.
Localities not having their own category, but within the parish of Dartmoor Forest,
to the east of Tavistock, south of Okehampton, and west of Chagford, have Princetown as their postal town, so should be in that category.
eg. The  Princetown category contains sites for Merrivale, and the area from Ruddlestone to Postbridge, such as out to Whiteworks and Two Bridges down to Dartmeet.

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Visit Dartmoor
Official tourist guide. includes descriptions of the area's towns, tourist attractions and accommodation. Includes events diary, maps and travel information.
Dartmoor Letterboxes Club
Includes information about "letterboxing" on Dartmoor and a map, also offers catalogue of letterboxes.
Dartmoor Livestock Protection Society
The Society helps ponies, sheep and cattle in distress on Dartmoor or in the markets where they are sold. Includes guidance on emergency help and gift catalogue.
Dartmoor Magazine
Summary of current issue, books on Dartmoor and subscription arrangements
Dartmoor National Park
The official site for the park, with seasonal guided walks programme and a selection of fact files covering various aspects of Dartmoor life, history and forward planning.
Dartmoor Perspectives
Information and photographs documenting moorland life and history.
Dartmoor Pony Society
The Society promotes the breeding of pure Dartmoor ponies. Details of stud book, shows, history of the breed and membership arrangements.
Dartmoor Preservation Association
Environmental campaign group and registered charity.
Dartmoor Rescue Group
Four moorland rescue teams. What they do and how to join.
The Dartmoor Society
Aims to promote the human, cultural and historical aspects of the area. Details of events, campaigns and membership arrangements.
Dartmoor Tinworking Research Group - DTRG
Studies and explores the tinworking and tin mining heritage of Dartmoor. Includes events diary, membership, projects and newsletter.
Dartmoor Trust
A digital image archive providing resources for research and education.
Dartmoor Walks
Documents moorland walks. Includes photographs.
The Haytor Quarries & Granite Tramway
Geological, archaeological and historical overview of the quarries and track. A reconstruction and chronology of the track and quarries.
Legendary Dartmoor
Dartmoor legends, folklore, history, mystery and traditions by Tim Sandles. Includes bibliography.
Moor Trees
Encourages areas of the moor to return to forest wilderness. Involves the local community and the wider community in wilding, ecosystems, land management and forest regeneration.
North Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team
Information for the team and, events, sponsorship, recruitment and contacts.
Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks
Walking the routes for those interested in visiting the ancient settlements and antiquities on the moor, such as Neolithic stone rows and circles.
Ten Tors Dartmoor
Official team and challenge information, includes merchandise, lost and found equipment and registration form.
Virtually Dartmoor
Interactive virtual tours combining 360° panoramic photographs, the spoken word and archive photographs.
West Dartmoor.Mission Community
Covers services at seven churches, personnel and groups, forthcoming events, projects to repair, enhance and improve the buildings, videos, links to the village amenities and local organisations.
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