All children in the UK between the ages of 5 and 16 must be educated according to
age, ability, aptitude,and any special needs they may have.
However, education does not have to take place within a school, and parents
may educate their child at home if they wish.
This category contains sites which describe ways of starting home education, and
also those which offer advice, resources and support.

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Christian Home Education
Tips and resources for Christian homeschooling.
Inclusive and multi-cultural information for UK unschoolers.
Education Otherwise
A membership organisation which provides support and information for families whose children are being educated outside school. Lists general details and contact information.
Hands Up 4 Home Ed
Campaign weblog for home educators wishing to preserve their current rights in UK law. Shows children's contributions so far.
HE Special UK
Provides information, articles, resources and mailing list for parents of children with special needs, who would like to educate at home.
Home Education
Includes legal guidelines, several mailing lists, chat room, articles, events calendar, research questionnaire, FAQs, support group listings, Northern Ireland section, scrapbook, games, quizzes and other resources.
Home Education Advisory Service
HEAS is a support group which offers information for home educators including advice about educational materials, resources, GCSE examinations, special educational needs, information technology, and legal matters.
Home Education in the UK
Information and resources for anyone interested in home education in Britain. Many articles about different aspects of education at home, and ideas for introducing topics informally.
MuddlePuddle Home Education
Home education resources and ideas for parents with younger children. Useful links and ideas for science and maths.
Schoolhouse Home Education Association
Information and support for Scottish families wishing to homeschool. Includes legal section, teen peer support network, news and other resources.
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