Are You Being Served? (AYBS) is a BBC sitcom ("Britcom") about the adventures of the very dysfunctional staff of Grace Brothers, a fictional London department store. Starring John Inman, Mollie Sugden, Trevor Bannister, Frank Thornton, Wendy Richard and Arthur Brough. Written by Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft. First broadcast (pilot episode) on BBC 1 in September 1972.

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The Are You Being Served Gallery
Featuring over 65 pages of pictures from the show.
Are You Being Served Trivia Page
With a timeline of the programme's development, pictures and a collection of obscure facts about the show.
Are You Being Served?
Archive of the show's first fan website.
Are You Being Served? Australian Style
Screencaps from the rarely seen Australian version of the show.
Are You Being Served? Central
With show, cast/crew information, and media and memorabilia image galleries.
Are You Being Served? Executive Kharzi
With original scripts (fan fiction) and the Percival Tebbs Tribute Page.
Are You Being Served? Forever
Includes show information, episode guide, FAQ, image gallery, fanworks and forum.
Are You Being Served? Virtual Video Vault
With episode reviews, screen captures, trivia and show information.
BBC Comedy Guide - Are You Being Served?
Article containing a description, review, cast and crew list, transmission details, pictures and video clips.
Epguides: Are You Being Served?
Lists the title and broadcast date for each episode.
Greg WibblyWobbly's Are You Being Served Site
A collection of custom wallpapers, screensavers, games and other multimedia files.
IMDb: Are You Being Served?
In-depth show details, including cast, crew and episode information.
Mrs Slocombe's Pussycat
A collection of articles and clips relating to the series.
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