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Abraham Ibd Daud: On Samuel Ha-Nagid, Vizier of Granada
An account of the life of a famous Jewish notable of Moslem Spain, Samuel Ha­Levi or Samuel HaNagid, who became chief minister at the court of Granada. From the Medieval Sourcebook.
Ibn Abd-el-Hakem: The Islamic Conquest of Spain
A translated excerpt from the "History of the Conquest of Spain" by the Egyptian, Ibn Abd-el-Hakem (870 or 871 CE); from the Medieval Sourcebook.
Islam in Spain
An overview of the Muslim presence in Spain.
Islamic Spain (711-1492)
A history of Islam and Muslim culture in Spain; from the BBC.
The Library of Iberian Resources Online (LIBRO)
A joint project of the American Academy of Research Historians of Medieval Spain and the University of Central Arkansas; makes available a range of online academic books, basic texts and sources in translation.
Medieval Sourcebook: Arabs, Franks, and the Battle of Tours
Translations of three accounts of the Battle of Tours in 732.
Medieval Sourcebook: Book of the Maghrib
A translation of an excerpt from Ibn Said's "Book of the Maghrib" (13th century), describing Moorish culture and the divisions which were to allow Christian conquest of the area.
Medieval Sourcebook: Selections From Poetry of the Spanish Moors
Translations of selections of Moorish poetry which survived the fall of Granada.
The Society for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies
Information about their events, research activities, conferences and publications.
The Story Of Religious Controversy: Chapter XXV
An account of the Moorish civilization in Spain, from an online book by Joseph McCabe.
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