« Navarre shall be the wonder of the world: Our court shall be a little Academ, still and contemplative in living art » (William Shakespeare, Love's Labour's lost, I, 1. 1595.) ...But that dream did not come true. Navarre (in Basque Nafarroa, in Spanish Navarra) was an independent kingdom through the Middle Ages, until Spain conquered it in 1512. The Basqueness of Navarre is highly debated now. The main parties there are quite anti-Basque, but the Basque language (called Lingua Navarrorum in medieval records) holds firmly in the northern region of the province. The Basque-speaking Navarrese considere themselves as Basque as Navarrese. Nowadays, Navarre is an autonomous region within the Spanish regime. Officially it is called the Foral Community of Navarre.
Sanfermine Guide - Kukuxumusu
A comprehensive guide to the fiesta, with information and practical advice.
Abba Reino de Navarra Hotel
Opened in 1995, the abba Reino de Navarra hotel has a modern, up-to-date decoration which brings together steel metal and cherry wood. Photo tour, rates, rooms and other services.
AC Ciudad de Pamplona Hotel
Completely renovated in the year 2000, AC Hotel Ciudad de Pamplona, is located in the city center.
Hoteles Pamplona
Booking service provided by the Pamplona Hotels Association, with accommodation listings, and information on events and activities.
Museum of Navarre
Located in the old city of Pamplona, dependent on the local government.
San Fermin Travel Central Pamplona Spain
Offers personalised adventure tours, specializing in apartment and balcony rentals during the running of the bulls. Video and photo gallery, tour packages, and events calendar.
Tourism in Navarra
Local guides and adventure sports, incoming agency organising leisure and tourism activities.

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