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How to suggest a site to Regional: Europe: Estonia.
1.1  Sites must also be in English.
1.2  Only sites with unique content.
1.3  Write a quality description.
1.4  Sites should work in all operating systems and browsers.
1.5  Tricks will backfire.
1.6  How long does it take for a site to be listed?
1.7  Find out if your site is listed?
About the Open Directory Project.
2.1  Volunteer editors.
2.2  Join us! Become an editor.
About Regional: Europe: Estonia.
3.1  Link to the Estonia category.
3.2  Thank you for visiting!

1   Q: How to suggest a site to Regional: Europe: Estonia.
A: This is the FAQ for the English language ODP category about Estonia, found in Regional: Europe: Estonia, and all its sub-categories.
by ottodv at 2008-06-06 15:10:25
1.1    Sites must also be in English.
Please only submit sites which have an English section, submit sites which are entirely in Estonian to the appropriate sub-category under World: Eesti or Regioonid: Euroopa: Eesti. If you are submitting a multilingual site, submit the entry page URL and provide a language choice on the entry page.
1.2    Only sites with unique content.
Only suggest a site after it is ready and if it contains unique content. Sites still under construction are not listed by us as they have no content at all. Sites using material copied from other sources are not listed either. Why would we list a copy if we can list the original?
1.3    Write a quality description.
The best way to help speed up getting listed, is to make sure that the editor does not need a lot of time to correct or rewrite your submission (such as removing spam, hype and keyword stuffing). Create a quality site, write a normal, unhyped description without keyword stuffing, use the correct title of the site, and submit it to the most appropriate category. The editors will almost certainly notice and appreciate a well written objective description for a quality site.
1.4    Sites should work in all operating systems and browsers.
The editors of this category may not be using the same operating system and or browser as you are, in fact it is very likely that they are not, so please ensure that your site works for other browsers and operating systems than your own before submitting here. If your site cannot be reviewed by an editor it cannot be added to the directory.

To ensure that your site works on the widest possible variety of platforms and browsers, you should build a standards compliant site. You can check the pages on your site with the W3C Markup Validation Service, to ensure that they are standards compliant. It obviously also helps to check your site in several browsers besides Internet Explorer, such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.

1.5    Tricks will backfire.
Notice: Multiple submissions, repeat submissions, submission of mirror sites and similar techniques, with the intention of 'forcing' a higher placement on the directory are most unwelcome and unnecessary. Such behavior will almost certainly delay, if not completely prevent, your submission being listed. (See the ODP terms of service)
1.6    How long does it take for a site to be listed?
It depends on many factors, including the quality of the site and the quality of the submitted site description. If a site meets the criteria for the category it was suggested to it can take anywhere from a few weeks to over a year. If a site does not meet the category criteria, it will obviously never get listed in that category.

Notice: Under no circumstances should you attempt to contact an editor about the listing of your site. It would be unfair to give certain sites more attention at the expense of those who wait patiently. You can suggest a site or suggest a change through the "suggest URL" and "update listing" links in the appropriate category.

1.7    Find out if your site is listed?
The site you want to suggest may already be listed in the directory or the site you suggested may not have been listed in the category you submitted it to previously. To check whether your site is listed and where it is listed in the Estonia category type the domain name of your site into the search box below (you can also use it to search the entire directory in case it was placed outside the Estonia category):

If a site about Estonia is only listed in a category for another language than English (such as World: Eesti), you can also suggest it to the English category for Estonia, as long as the site has an English section. In some situations a site may also be listed in both a geographically defined category (under Regional) and the appropriate topical category.

2   Q: About the Open Directory Project.
A: The ODP (a.k.a. DMOZ) is a directory built by a community of volunteer editors for the benefit of Internet users.
by ottodv at 2008-06-06 15:03:14
2.1    Volunteer editors.
The Open Directory Project is edited by human volunteers, who can spend their time editing whenever and wherever they please. They are not paid and do not have any obligation to review suggested sites. However editors strive to review and edit fairly, but this can take some time.
2.2    Join us! Become an editor.
The Open Directory Project is constantly looking for volunteers who want to help develop categories they are knowledgeable about. There are always more good sites to that need to be found, reviewed and added to the appropriate categories. If you have a interest in a particular topic, please look for the category for that topic and consider applying to become an editor. For your application to be successful read the instructions and any feedback you get carefully.
3   Q: About Regional: Europe: Estonia.
by ottodv at 2008-06-06 15:27:57
3.1    Link to the Estonia category.
A lot of time and effort has been put into developing and selecting sites for the category about Estonia. If you like this category, consider linking to it from your website or blog. For example: you can copy and paste the following code into your web page (or adapt it to your needs):

<a href="http://www.dmoz.org/Regional/Europe/Estonia/">DMOZ - Estonia</a>

Linking to this category in no way affects your chances to get your site listed here, you should link if you think this category is a useful resource for your visitors, not for any other reason.

3.2    Thank you for visiting!
We hope the Estonia category has been useful to you, and that you will return to it often to find the sites that you need.


This FAQ was written by ottodv.

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