Sites offering information on individual hotels, as well as guides to hotels in Tallinn.

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Baltic Hotel Imperial
Description of rooms. Rates and online booking. Includes a restaurant and pub. [Estonian, English, Finnish, Russian]
Baltic Hotel Vana Wiru
Description of rooms and prices. Located on Viru street. Includes a Restaurant and pub. [Estonian, English, Finnish, Russian]
Barons Hotel
A business class hotel in the Old Town. Includes restaurant, conference room, sauna. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish, German]
Braavo Hotel
Located between old-town and the port in the old city defense wall. Prices, photos and list of additional services. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish]
City Hotel Portus
Room description and prices. The hotel has a sauna and meeting rooms and is also home to Café Retro with a bar and terrace. [Estonian, English, Finnish, Russian]
Economy Hotel
Located near the railway station. Description and prices of rooms. [Estonian, English, Finnish, Russian, German, Latvian]
Go Hotel Shnelli
Located next to the Baltic railway station, includes meeting facilities, a restaurant and a salon. Website offers description of rooms and a reservation form. [Estonian, English and others]
Hotel Bern
Located near the Old Town. Site offers room information and prices. Requires Flash. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish, German]
Hotel Dorell
Small hotel near city center. Includes photos, prices, online booking, location map. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish, German]
Hotel Dzingel
Situated in a green suburb 6 km from the city center. It has 350 beds, a conference centre, restaurant and saunas.
Hotel Ecoland
In Mähe district, 15 minutes drive from downtown. Information about rooms, hotel facilities and services, location map, registration form. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish]
Hotel Euroopa
Situated in the Rotermann area near the port. Offers conference facilities and a restaurant named "Olive". [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish]
Hotel Metropol
Hotel complex includes beauty salon, casino, night club, restaurant and conference facilities. Provides information about services, special offers, online booking.
Hotel Oru
Includes description of rooms, facilities and services, rates and online reservations.
Hotel Susi
Opposite Söjamäe park. Information about rooms, services, facilities, prices, reservations and location. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish]
Hotell Rocca al Mare
A modern suburban hotel by the sea. Includes spa, conference facilities, and a restaurant. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Kalev Spa
A hotel with waterpark and fitness center near the old town. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish]
Accommodation in a building near the port. Also has several apartments. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish]
L'Ermitage Hotel
Near Toompea. Photos and prices of rooms. Conference center, restaurant and sauna. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish, German]
Located near the center, 31 double and triple rooms, internet, restaurant, parking facility. [Estonian, English, Russian]
The Merchant's House Hotel
Luxury hotel in Old Town. Descriptions and rates of rooms and services. Online booking. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish, German]
Meriton Hotels
Grand Hotel Tallinn, Meriton Old Town Hotel and Villa Mary. Rooms, services, dining and conference facilities. Online reservations. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish, German]
My City Hotel
Located on the edge of Old Town. Description of rooms and special offers. [Estonian, English, and others]
Nordic Hotel Forum
A business hotel with conference facilities. Description of rooms, online booking. [Estonian, English, Russian, Latvian]
Old Town Maestro's
In a renovated 15th century building. General information, reservations. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Olevi Residents
Located in the Old Town. Has photos and prices of the rooms. Includes a restaurant and conference rooms. [Estonian, English, Finnish, Russian]
Radisson Blu Hotel
Up-scale hotel adjacent to the business and shopping district. Provides online booking, information about hotel services and facilities.
Savoy Boutique Hotel
Site offers description and prices of rooms, and reservation form. Located in the Old Town, includes a bar and restaurant. [Estonian, English and others]
Schlössle Hotel
A boutique hotel located in Old Town. Lists services, photo gallery, reservation form.
St. Barbara
A mid-market hotel, close to the old town. Also home to Baieri Kelder restaurant. [Estonian, English]
St. Olav Hotel
Located in a historical building in Old Town. Includes a restaurant and conference facility. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish]
St. Petersbourg Hotel
Reservation form and photo gallery. Art deco interior. Located in Old Town.
Swissotel Tallinn
A luxury hotel in the city's tallest building.
Taanilinna Hotel
3-star hotel in the picturesque Old Town district. Includes description of rooms and services, online booking.
Tallink hotels
Tallink City Hotel and Tallink Spa Hotel. Information about the rooms and services. Includes a restaurant and nightclub. [Estonian, English, Finnish]
Tatari 53
List room rates, offers and booking form. Includes a cafeteria. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish]
Telegraaf Hotel
Luxury hotel in the old town. Includes a restaurant and conference facilities. [Estonian, English, Russian]
The Three Sisters
A luxury hotel in the Old Town. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Tähetorni Hotel
A large hotel with restaurant, bar and conference room on the outskirts of Tallinn. Lists prices of facilities. [Estonian, English and other languages]
Uniquestay Hotels
Operates Hotel Mihkli and Uniquestay Tallinn. Information about rooms and hotel facilities, online bookings. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish, German]
Viru Inn
Located on Viru street. Information about rooms and services.
White Villa
An alcohol- and tobaccofree hotel 3 kilometers from the city center. Description of the hotel and rooms. [Estonian, English, and others]
Ylemiste Hotel
Hotel with conference center and restaurant located near the airport. Site offers room descriptions, pricelist, contact and booking. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish, German]
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