Restaurants and bars in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.

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Admiral Steamship
A 50 year old steamship now serving as a restaurant. Photos, menu and history. Also offers cruises. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Restaurant part of vonkrahl. Menu and photos. [Estonian, English]
Mexican restaurant. Tallinn branch of the Finnish chain. [Estonian, English, Finnish]
Anneli Viik Cafe
A chocolate cafe located in the Old Town. Handmade chocolates and cakes. [Estonian, English]
A farther and son run restaurant near Old Town with a focus on European cuisine and wine. Menu and reservation form. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Argentiina Restaurant
Argentinian restaurant a short distance from the Old Town. Menu online. [Estonian, English, Spanish]
Asian Aroma
Thai, Indian, Indonesian and Malaysian take away. Site offers menu. [Estonian, English, Russian]
A garlic restaurant located on town hall square. Site offers menu and wine list. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish]
Beer House
A beer house and restaurant in Old Town. Information about the brewery. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish]
Offers Italian food. Includes menu, wine-list, interior photos and contact information.
Café, restaurant and ceramics studio on Toompea hill. [Estonian, English]
Operates a restaurant, café, bistro, and deli in the old town, as well as a restaurant in Kumu. Menus and contact information for each branch. Also offers catering services. [Estonian, English]
Combines European and Asian cuisine and a selection of waterpipes. Site offers menu. Requires Flash. [Estonian, English, Russian]
C'est la Vie
Café and restaurant in Old Town. Site offers menu and photos. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Cafe Velvet
Located in Pirita. Menu in Estonian, English, and Russian.
Café Komeet
Located in the Solaris shopping center. Site offers menu, photos and a short introduction by the owner. [Estonian, English]
Café Moon
Menu and photos. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Cantina Carramba
Tex-Mex theme. Includes menu, contact information and description of the Mexican kitchen. [Estonian, English]
Caravan Grill Restaurant
Caucasian and European cuisine. Menu and photo gallery. Requires Flash. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish]
Upscale Indian cuisine in the Old Town. Food and drink menus and some photos of the premises. [Estonian, English]
Food and drinks menu as well as some photos. [Estonian, English]
A gastropub located in Old Town. Site offers menu and information about upcoming events.
European cuisine. Site offers menu and reservation form. Requires Flash. [Estonian, English]
Traditional Italian food in the old town. Site offers menu, photos and map. [Estonian, English, Italian]
Dao Hua
Chinese restaurant with cooks and chef from China. Menu, photos, and location. [Estonian, English, Russian]
A Italian-style café and French-style restaurant located in the Old Town. Requires Flash. [Estonian, English]
Déjà Vu
A lounge bar and restaurant in Old Town. Indian kitchen. Site in Flash menu in PDF. [Estonian, English, Russian]
An up-scale restaurant located on Vene street. Offers menu, reservation and photo gallery. [Estonian, English, French]
Elevant Restaurant
Indian cuisine. Includes menu with prices and a brief description. [Estonian, English]
Fahle Restoran & Caffe
Named after the building it is located in on Tartu maantee. Site offers menu for both the restaurant and the cafe. Requires Flash. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Italian cuisine. Includes menu for both the restaurant and the Fashion cafe. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Located in a section of the city wall, includes a wine-cellar and guest house. Site requires Flash and plays Music. [Estonian, English]
Golden Dragon
Chinese restaurant in old town. Also offers take away. Menu online. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Grillhaus Daube
Menu, pictures and contact information. [Estonian, English, Finnish, Russian]
Offers Chinese cuisine and tea. Description of tea tradition, menu and photo gallery. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Hell Hunt
A pub in the Old Town on Pikk street. Site offers virtual tour of the premises and menu.
Hookah Palace
Offers Asian and European food and water pipes.
A kosher restaurant located in the synagogue. Menu and photos of dishes. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish]
Juusturestoran st. Michael & Imperial Pub
Menu and photos for the pub and the cheese restaurant. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish]
French and Italian cuisine in Kadriorg. Menu, gallery and contact information. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Combines traditional and present day Estonian cuisine. Located on Town Hall square. Site requires Flash. [Estonian, English]
Kathmandu Hill
Offers Chinese and Indian cuisine. Menu and contact information. [Estonian, English]
Klaus Kohvik
Located near the fish market with a designed interior. Site offers menu and photos. [Estonian, English, Russian]
A restaurant in pirate style located in Old Town. Site requires Flash and offers menu and a virtual tour. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Kuldse Notsu Kõrts
Estonian country style restaurant, located in the cellar of the St. Petersbourg hotel in the old town. Site offers menu.
La Bottega
An Italian restaurant in Old Town. Food and drink menu as well as some photos. Requires Flash. [Estonian, English]
La Casa Del Habano
A Havana cigar lounge. [Estonian, English]
Le Chateau
Musketeers restaurant in a cellar in the old town. Menu and photos listed. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish]
Located in Old Town with a garden courtyard and home to the Scottish Club. Offers uncomplicated dishes with natural, local ingredients. [Estonian, English]
An Italian restaurant located in Tiskre. Menu and photos. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Madisson Grill & Baar
Offer menu, business lunches and breakfast menu. [Estonian, English]
Indian restaurant on town hall square. Site offers menu and some photos. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish]
Located on Raekoja Plats. Background information about the restaurant. [Estonian, English, Finnish, Russian]
Restaurant of the Savoy Hotel. Menu and chef's offer.
Munga Kelder
Offers European kitchen in the center of the old city. Includes a menu with prices and contact information. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish]
Pädaste manor's winter retreat offering Nordic Island cuisine. Presentation of chefs and menu. Closed in summer. [Estonian, English]
Located near Toompea. Menu, photo gallery and booking form. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Restaurant of the St. Petersbourg hotel, offering Russian cuisine. Site offers menu.
Old Estonia
An Estonian restaurant located on Town Hall square. Site offers menu and wine list. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish]
Olde Hansa
Medieval-themed restaurant in a medieval Hanseatic city. Presents a menu, information about organizing banquets, contacts and online table reservations.
Restaurant located on Viru street. Offers menu, contact information and photo gallery. [Estonian, English, Finnish]
Restaurant, grill, cafe and pub in Tallinn's old town. Presents menu, photos, history, reservation. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish]
Georgian restaurant located in Mustamäe. Menu and photo gallery. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Pizza Americana
Located in Old Town. Menu, location, home delivery. [Estonian, English, Finnish]
Pizza Koju
24 hour pizza delivery service. Also delivers for Indian, Chinese and Armenian restaurants. [Estonian, English]
A summer terrace offering light salads and quiches, located in the Rottermann quarters. Site requires Flash. [Estonian, English]
A brasserie in Old Town. Offers a selection of draught and bottled beers and ciders. [Estonian, English]
Reval Café
Several cafés located in Old Town. Site requires Flash. [Estonian, English]
Revalia Grill House
A restaurant with a medieval interior on Town Hall square. Menu, wine list and reservation form. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish]
Offers classical French cuisine with an Estonian flavor. Located in the Old Town. [Estonian, English]
A gourmet Italian restaurant located near Tallinn zoo. Terrace. Menu and photos. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish]
Seiklusjutte - The Travellers Pub & Club
Located between the center and the bus station, offers menu, location and pictures. [Estonian, English]
Azeri restaurant in Tallinn. Description of Azeri cuisine and menu. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Modern Nordic cuisine. Menu and wine list. [Estonian, English]
Offers menu and location information for two sushi bars in Tallinn. Interactive site which requires Flash. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Located in Old-Town offers a menu based on south Indian spices.
Menu and drink list. [Estonian, English]
St. Patrick's
Operates 3 pubs in Old Town. Offers menu, happy hour and contact info. [Estonian, English]
Steak-House Liivi
Operates two restaurants. Site presents menu, drink list and photos gallery. Requires Flash. [Estonian, English, Finnish]
Georgian restaurant located in Kristiine. Menu and photo gallery. [Estonian, English, Russian]
A fast food sushi bar in a Japanese manga and pop culture setting. Menu, catering options and some photos. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Greek cuisine in a tavern on Toompea and grill in Ülemiste shopping center. Menu.
Texas Honky Tonk & Cantina
Located in Old Town. Menu online.
A service to order food from several restaurants in Tallinn. Lists restaurants and their menus. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Russian restaurant. Includes menu with prices, description, photos and online reservations. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish]
Located near Town Hall square. The name means market. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish]
Vana Toomas
A cafe-restaurant located on Town Hall Square. Site offers menu and short story about the legend of Vana Toomas. [Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish]
Vanaema Juures
A cellar restaurant whose name means "Grandmother's Place". Site offers menu.
Villa Thai
Thai cuisine in the Kadriorg area. Provides regular and take-out menus, pictures and location. [Estonian, English]
Wine tasting and training in a wine loft on Viru street. Site requires Flash. [Estonian, English]
vonKrahli Bar
Site offers menu and list of previous events.
Wayne's Coffee
A coffee shop chain. List of stores in Tallinn. [Estonian, English]
Menu and short background story. Mix of English, Estonian and Russian.
Zebra Cafe
Restaurant menu and wine list. Sushibar menu. Located on Narva mnt. Site uses Flash. [Estonian, English]
Ö Restaurant
A luxury restaurant. Menu, wines, gallery, tasting menu. Site in Flash.

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