Includes sites about places or institutions in Tallinn that conserve, study, house or exhibit collections of objects with artistic, historical, military or scientific value.

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The Dance of Death in Tallinn
Offers an in depth analysis of the Dance of Death, a medieval painting in St. Nicholas' church (Niguliste). Questions who painted it and offers photos and transcript of the texts on the painting.
Dominican Monastery Museum
The oldest preserved building in Tallinn. Exhibitions and program. [Estonian, English and others]
Eduard Vilde Museum
Information about the museum and biography of the author. [Estonian, English]
Estonian Art Museum
The museum has five branches: Kadriorg Art Museum, Niguliste Museum, Adamson-Eric Museum, Kristjan Raud House Museum and Kumu Art Museum (the main building). Information about each branch and current exhibitions.
Estonian History Museum
Operates The Great Guild Hall and Maarjamäe Castle. Information about current exhibitions, collections and history of the museum. [Estonian, English]
Estonian Jewish Museum
History of Estonian Jews. Catalogue, pictures, opening hours, archive. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Estonian Maritime Museum
Includes the maritime museum, mine museum and museum ships located in the former sea-plane harbor. [Estonian, English]
Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design
Works of textile art, ceramics, porcelain, leather, glass, jewelry, metalwork, furniture and product design. Includes a staff directory, opening hours, admission fees and location. [Estonian, English]
Estonian Museum of Natural History
Displays on geology, fresh water, marsh and forest environments. Information about current exhibitions. [Estonian, English]
Estonian Open Air Museum
Rural life and architecture in Estonia from the 18th to 20th century. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Estonian Theatre and Music Museum
Collects, preserves, studies and introduces Estonian theater and music. Organizes exhibitions, concerts and discussion evenings. [Estonian, English and others]
Kiek in de Kök
A branch of Tallinn City Museum in the canon tower. Includes the tunnels under the bastions. [Estonian, English]
Kunstihoone - Art Hall
Offers schedule of art exhibitions. [Estonian, English]
Occupation Museum
Covers the Nazi and Soviet occupation of Estonia. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Seaplane Harbour
A branch of the maritime museum located in the former seaplane hangars and harbor, includes the submarine Lembit and the Suur Tõll steam icebreaker. [Estonian, English, Finnish]
Tallinn City Museum
Operates several museums in Tallinn. [Estonian, English]
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