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Alternative Chance Chans Altenativ
A self-help, peer counseling and advocacy program for Haitian criminal deportees.
Beyond Borders
Non-Profit organization based in Pennsylvania doing charitable works in Haiti.
Global List of Women's Organizations - Haiti
Provides contact information for groups of women helping others.
The Haiti Connection
A place to share medical, educational, spiritual, and humanitarian activities that help Haitian people. Increasing the effectiveness of those helping in Haiti by improving coordination between qualified groups and individuals.
Healing Hands for Haiti
A charitable organization dedicated to bringing rehabilitation medicine to Haiti. Offers rehabilitation technician training program to train local Haitians in basic nursing, physicial therapy, occupational therapy, and public health.
Hearts Together for Haiti
this organization specializes in a hands-on approach to helping the haitian community through literacy medical child sponsorship and building programs
Helping God's Children in Haiti
Child Sponsorship of Florida, a division on Young Life, funds the Good Shepherd School in Pele, one of the most impoverished villages in Port-au-Prince.
His Hands for Haiti
Christian charity organization runs a child sponsorship program providing food, education and clothing for Haitian children. Volunteer teams do work projects in Terrier Rouge and other communities.
Hope for Haiti's Children Ministries, Inc.
Provides opportunities for poverty-bound Haitian children to develop into strong leaders in their homes, churches, and communities.
Humanitarian project in Haiti
Information about children in need of sponsorship in Haiti.
Lambi Fund of Haiti
Nonprofit organization that supports community-based projects for food sustainability, environment, access to credit, and democracy and justice. Information about activities, goals, and how people can help.
Les Cayes
This site is a community Portal for the people of Les Cayes or Aux Cayes in the South of Haiti.
Meds & Food for Kids
A non-profit organization dedicated to the treatment and prevention of childhood malnutrition in Haiti and other developing countries.
The SiloƩ Project Foundation
A Foundation working in Haiti for the treatment, education and development of Haitian children with disabilities and needs.
We Haitians United We Stand For Democracy
A not-for-profit nonpartisan political pressure group opposed to the current government. Offers news, articles, and reports.
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