Companies that produce products from raw materials, such as distributors, wholesalers, industrial supply companies and manufacturing representatives in Samutprakarn.

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A.S. Maharaja Co., Ltd.
Men and ladies footwear manufacturer and exporter. Company profile and products.
Abatek (Asia) Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of rubber keypad for automobile, instrumentation, consumer, and telecommunication industry. Located in Samutprakarn.
Alpha Innovation Co. Ltd.
Truck accessories; with descriptions and contact details.
Arkco (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Distributes safety equipment and abrasive blastings in marine, oil, and fabrication industries.
Asia Metal PCL
Supplier of structural steel pipes, coils, and rolls with specifications. [Thai, English]
Asian Chemicals & Engineering Co., Ltd.
Manufactures products in environmental, chemical, and laboratory engineering. Includes catalog.
B.K.K. Cooling & Engineering Co., Ltd.
Installs cooling tower for factories.
Bangkok Fastening Co., Ltd.
Distributes screws, nuts, tacks and other related products, such as, nails and wires. [Thai, English]
C.P.L. Group PCL
Leather tannery supplier for footwear and car seat. Includes catalog. [Thai, English]
Chaichreon Polishing Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of buffing materials, wheels, and compounds. Located in Samutprakarn. [Thai, English]
Decho Mould & Die-Casting Co., Ltd.
Factory for producing motorcycle and truck parts. Provides information on facilities and equipment.
Eastern Foam Product Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of flexible polyurethane foam for use in packaging and household products. [Thai, English]
High-Tech Zipper Bags Co., Ltd.
Supplier of plastic zipper bags. Includes product photo and description.
I.B.S. Smith Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of stainless steel products for the food, electronic, home, and construction markets.
Icelandic Co., Ltd.
Manufactures magtoy, magnet, lifting, wet separator, and dry separator. [Thai, English]
INEOS Asiatic Chemical Co., Ltd.
Produces chlorinated paraffin used for PVC products, car care, and household cleaning.
JST Engineering Co., Ltd.
Sells machinery and equipment for plastic industries. Features product models.
Kaskal Co., Ltd.
Produces framed aluminium doors, windows, glass facades, and claddings. Explains types of machines and projects.
Kongsiri Tannery
Manufacturer and exporter of buffalo and cow upholstery leather.
Leerungruang Steel Co., Ltd.
Steel furniture and safe manufacturer. Located in Samutprakarn.
Lh Tomo Autoparts (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Produces mold and die, tooling, and fixture for automotive manufacturing. [Thai, English]
Menam Stainless Wire Public Co., Ltd.
Manufactures stainless steel in wires, bars, and welding. Features product specifications. [Thai, English]
NAS TOA (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Manufactures welded stainless steel pipes.
NHK Spring (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Manufactures suspension springs, seats, interiors, precision springs, and disk drive suspensions.
P.S.C. Group
Manufactures starch in chemical forms. [Thai, English]
Piti Group
Provides installations of electrial system in factory. Includes product animations. [Thai, English]
Practicum Engineering Group
Manufactures building parts for mobile crushers, screens, excavators, and loaders. Features equipment list and milestone.
Rianthai Interplas Co., Ltd.
Manufactures plastic containers for cosmetics, foods, and pharmaceutical products.
S.Likit Autopart Industry Co., Ltd.
Produces forging and machining parts.
Saeng Thai Rubber Co., Ltd.
Manufactures rubber products for industry, construction, car, water resource and custom-made.
Sammitr Metal Works Co., Ltd.
Induction foundry supplying various kinds of steel like high manganese, high chromium, and low alloy. [Thai, English]
SC Rubber
Manufacturer of casters and custom rubbers for furniture industry and hospital. Product dimension, capacity, and specifications.
Somerville (Siam) Ltd.
Supplies cold room, wine display, and cooking equipment. Designs commercial kitchen. Features catalog, service manual, and shop drawing. Located in Samutprakarn.
Spr Tannery Co., Ltd.
Manufactures and exports leather shoes. Includes procedure and product photos.
T Arrow Control Co., Ltd.
Sells process control and electrical systems, such as volt meters, capacitors, inverters, and motors with repair services.
T.S.T. Plaspack Co., Ltd.
Manufactures plastic bags, sheets, and rolls. Features photo gallery.
Teo Hong Silom Group
Sells electrical products to projects for customer service, engineering, and construction business. [Thai, English]
Thai Industry Co., Ltd.
Manufactures polyethylene fishing, agricultural, and flower nets and ropes.
Thai Rubber Latex Corporation (Thailand) PCL
Producer of natural concentrated latext, disposable rubber glove, and extruded rubber thread. Explains raw materials and applications. [Thai, English, Chinese]
Thai Sek Son Co., Ltd.
Sells packaging machines for merchandise. Features general specification. [Thai, English]
Thai Technic Electric Co.,Ltd.
Manufactures and set up electrical switchboard for industrial and commercial uses. Features equipment.
Thai Unique Coil Center PCL
Manufactures stainless piping, finishes, and surfaces. Provides cutting services for stainless steel, galvanized iron sheets and other metals. [Thai, English]
Turbo Asis Pacific Co., Ltd.
Sells dust collector systems, such as valves and electronic controls for industry. In Bangplee.
Uni Arc Co., Ltd.
Supplier of welding equipment for metal working industries. Features products and services.
Vatana Phaisal Group
Provides steel work fabrications, storage tanks, pressure vessels, boilers, water tanks, and conveyor belts with installation services.
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