This category is for sites offering information on legal services in the area including attorneys, notaries, and paralegals.

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Adisorn & Associates
Provides auditing, accounting, taxing, corporate, and immigration services.
Advance Adjusting Associates
American managed law firm providing civil and criminal litigation, corporate intelligence, and domestic relation.
Anglo-Thai Legal
Uses virtual system to provide banking, commercial, corporate, criminal, debt, employment, environment, property, and licensing services.
Apisith & Alliance
Practices international trade, intellectual property, corporate law, and foreign investment law.
Bangkok International Associates
Engages in corporate, commercial, banking, insolvency, taxation, labor, intellectual property, property, telecommunication, litigation, accounting, and US immigration.
Bangkok Jurist
Practices banking, commercial litigation, arbitration, debt restructuring, dispute resolution, immigration, labor, mergers and acquisitions, and real estate.
Blumenthal Richter & Sumet
International law firm practicing on corporate, real estate, intellectual property, banking, litigation, labor, tax, technology, and capital market. [English, German]
Boonsom & Manoch Interlaw
Handles general practices, litigations, trials, appeals, arbitrations, banking, corporate matters, minerals, intellectual property, construction, and international business. [Thai, English]
Team of lawyers and advisors dealing with company law, taxation, intellectual property, labor law, immigration, property, insurance, and rehabilitation. [English, Thai]
Cathy Tran Reck & Associates Ltd.
Immigration law firm facilitates obtaining US visas, prenupital agreements, and corporate services.
Chandler and Thong-Ek
Deals with corporate law, transborder sales, tax, and licensing with expertise on natural resources. Includes historical papers and legislations.
Chaninat & Leeds
Law practices on company, family, land, visa, litigation, and intellectual property. Includes publications.
CSBC Law Offices
Advises communication, corporate, dispute resolution, expatriate service, factory, human resource, intellectual property, property acquisition, and transport.
G.A.M. Legal Alliance
Attorneys assisting on property, immigration, family, and corporate law. Offices in Bangkok and Phuket.
H.Toosi International Law Office
Law office practicing in areas of corporate law, taxation, litigation, and immigration.
Hutter & Dhira
Independent Thai law firm providing foreign clients on arbitration, commercial transactions, contracts, finance, immigration, and trade.
Integrity Legal
Specializes in obtaining Thai visa, setting up company, and owning properties. Includes blog.
International Legal Counsellors Thailand
Multi-domesitc law firm engaging in alien business, banking, anti-trust, contract, corporate, and specific industries.
James and Partners Law Office
Founded by Thai lawyer and practices litigation, investment promotion, international business transaction, securities, and immigration.
Juris Consultus Law Office
Provides visa, investment, corporate, civil, marriage, dispute resolution, contract, registration, and intellectual property.
Jus Laws & Consult
Professional lawyers who act upon corporate, employment, immigration, property, tax, proceedings, and investment.
K.K.T. International Law Office
Advises on company registration, visa extension, resident permit, marriage, and accounting. [English, Deutsch]
Kamthorn Surachet and Somsak
Law specialist for small-to-medium sized corporate clients, investment, taxation, real estate, immigration, labor, and commercial matters.
Kanung & Partner Law Offices
Advises dispute resolution, banking, construction, corporate, insolvency, intellectual property, employment, taxation, telecommunication, and insurance. [Thai, English]
Kasame & Associates
Team of Thai and Japanese speaking lawyers advises on intellectual property and general practice.
Kitti Law Office
Engages in patent trademark, copyright, accounting, auditing, and company registration. [Thai, English]
Law Alliance
Specializes on tax planning, corporate restructuring, and infrastructure.
Legal Advisory Council
Partners and associates serving on many aspects of commercial and corporate law.
Lewmanomont International Law Office
Specializes in trademark, patent, and copyright. Includes intellectual property form.
McWalden & Bailey
Professional lawyers advising on corporate, real estate, notarization, intellectual property, litigation, taxation, immigration, and family law.
N & T Management
Using virtual team to assist on corporate development, business plan, financial restructuring, operational design, and data source.
Narit & Associates
International law firm specializing in Thai laws and legal work including corporate, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, litigation, and employment.
Pacific Legal Advisory
Attorneys assisting on commericial issues, contracts, litigation, real estate, mergers and acquisitions, labor laws, and work permits. Includes publications.
Pacific Legal Group
Specializes in regulatory matters related to the Food and Drug Administration and to the Ministry of Agriculture.
Professional Alliance Group
Consultations on tax, property, financial, accounting, audit, management, payroll, and international secretary.
Satyapon & Partners
Practices intellectual property law on patents, trademarks, copyrights, domain names, layout designs, and enforcement.
Seri Manop & Doyle
Counsels tax, corporate, foreign direct investment, intellectual, labor, mergers and acquisitions, and banking law. Includes articles on tax law.
Siam Premier International Law Office
Specializes in litigation, banking, restructuring, intellectual property, real estate, taxation, energy, and corporate matters.
Siripan International Law Firm
Provides legal advisory, litigation, and company set up. [Thai, English]
Somphob Tax and Law Office
Team of Thai lawyers specializing in commercial, corporate, and investment law.
Sukhothai Inter Law
Provides lawsuit consultation, investigation, debt collection, background checks, work permit, and immigration law to expatriates.
Temp International Legal Association
Team of expatriate and Thai experts providing corporate, property, visa, and marriage services.
Tilleke & Gibbins
Practices commercial law, dispute resolution, intellectual property, and regulatory affairs.
Trilaw International Law Office
Deals with corporate, banking, taxation, labor, e-commerce, maritime, immigration, asset management, family, and personal injury.
Visal & Associates Law Office
Serving Thai, English, and Chinese clients on litigation, contract, translation, commercial registration, tax planning, employment, work permit, and property.

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