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A common misconception about Taiwan
The media commonly assert that the KMT took over Taiwan in 1949. This ignores the crucial events of 1945-48.
Research on Taiwan's Position as a US Insular Area (Unincorporated Territory)
Several research papers, including one that argues that Taiwan's correct international position is as unincorporated territory under the United States Military Government and that the San Francisco Peace Treaty and the Taiwan Relations Act both support this conclusion.
Taiwan Communiqué
A bi-monthly journal focused on political developments in and around Taiwan. It started in 1980, and has been published since then by the International Committee for Human Rights in Taiwan.
Taiwan President
A site about Taiwan politics, particularly the policies of President Chen
Taiwan Research Institute
A think tank that carries out research on the security strategies of Taiwan, foreign affairs and cross-strait relationships; submits reports and suggestions in government policy-making.
Taiwan Security Research
The award-winning site contains news, paper, documents, and speeches about Taiwan and Asia-Pacific security issues.
Taiwan Tati Cultural And Educational Foundation
about Taiwan issues, For Taiwan, cross-strait relationship, Taiwanese people, democratic Taiwan, Taiwan-strait, Taiwan diplomacy
Taiwan: Wei Jingsheng Foundation
News articles and essays of Wei Jingsheng's view on the situation of Taiwan. In both English and Chinese.
Taiwan: Young Democracy At Risk
Taiwan coverage including Chen Shui-bian's election and inauguration, an overview of Taiwan's colonial past and new democracy, lesbian and gay Taiwan, cross-strait relations, and a myriad of related links. From The Gully.
Discussion group on Taiwan's history, present and future. We focus on political developments in, and international policy towards Taiwan.
BBC News: Taiwanese Prime Minister Resigns
Taiwanese Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang resigns, less than a week after he was defeated in the Democratic People's Party election by Frank Hsieh. (May 12, 2007)

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